Uiwang Rail Bike opens in April


바이크 의왕



The rail bike opens 20th April. The trails follow WangSong Lake and it takes about 40minutes to complete the route. There staff will present some safety rules; keep safe distance and do not stand during ride the rail bike. Visitors on the bikes will also get to enjoy the beautiful lake view presented and it's a great way to have a light exercise with your loved ones.

Admission: KRW 36,000 for one bike which 4 people can seat on in weekdays (KRW 40,000 in weekends)
                 KRW 28,000 for one bike which 2 people can seat on in weekdays (KRW 30,000 in weekends)

Opening hours: Daily 9am to 5:30pm (Summer season: to 6:30pm/ Peak season: to 7:30pm)

Inquires: +82, 31.462.3001

More information: (Korean only)