Lascaux Cave Wall Paintings International Exhibition at Gwangmyeong Cave


Lascaux Cave Wall Paintings International Exhibition at Gwangmyeong Cave


To commemorate the 130th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and France, the Lascaux Cave Wall Paintings International Exhibition is being held at Gwangmyeong Cave from April 16 to September 4, 2016.

Dating back some 20,000 years to the Old Stone Age, the globally renowned Lascaux Cave Wall Paintings were designated as the UNESCO World Heritage in 1979. This is the first time that replicas of the paintings have been displayed in an Asian country, and the next exhibition will be held in Japan after the close of the event at Gwangmyeong Cave.

Designed by a remarkable French architect named Jean Nouvel, the exhibition gallery was built with sixty-two containers in an attempt to present the gallery itself as a huge art work that geometrically symbolizes the Lascaux Cave. Consisting of nine sections, the exhibition gallery introduces the entire process from the excavation of the Lascaux Cave to its closing, and displays full-scale replicas, a one-tenth scale model of the Cave, relics from the prehistoric period, and replicas of the Cro-Magnon family. A number of experience items with touch screens are also available at the gallery.
The exhibition will remain open for the entire five-month period, providing a valuable opportunity for visitors to enjoy the mysterious paintings of Lascaux, which are also mentioned in Korean middle and high school textbooks, without having to visit France.