A One-Day Trip to the Valley via Public Transportation (Valley in the City)



A summer vacation spot you can easily and conveniently go to on a one-day trip via public transportation! The hot summer days of late that bring to mind cool shades, fresh air, and streams that seem to make the heat go away even at a glance — here, we introduce a spot where you can enjoy nature even in the city center. If the hour is late, it’s also a good idea to enjoy something to eat nearby.

Anyang Art Park Stream

Samseongcheon Valley along the ridge of Samseongsan Mountain in Anyang is famous for its clean water. The stream isn’t very deep, making it the perfect spot for dipping your feet into the cold, clear water and having fun splashing around. If you enjoy hiking, you can also come to this spot after a hike up Samseongsan Mountain or Gwanaksan Mountain to chill out and rest.



  1. Take Town Bus 2 from Exit 1 of Anyang Station (Line 1) and get off at the last stop — and you’ve arrived at Anyang Art Park Stream! Since Anyang Art Park is the last stop, you don’t have to worry about missing it; there are only 10 stops between Anyang Station and your destination, so it will take you in 15 minutes.
  2. ↔Take Town Bus 2-1 from Anyang Art Park (last stop).
  3. From there, take Town Bus 6-2, Regular Bus 5-2, 11-1, 900, and 51 and get off at Seoksu Patrol Station, and then walk for about 900m. It will take about 10 minutes.

Nearby Places Worth Visiting

Anyang Art Park (click here)

Kim Joong-up Museum

Sammaksa Valley (click here)

Gogiri Valley, Yongin

Pack a map as well as foldable chairs and set out for the Gogiri Recreation Area. The coolness of the water that comes up to a grown-up’s knees, including watching adorable children in their colorful vacation clothes splashing around in the water, will surely make you smile. There are lots of places to eat nearby, so make sure you enjoy stream-side dishes.



Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal → Yangji Station (Baegam/Jwacheon Station) → Take a taxi

Nearby Places Worth Visiting

Café 1819

Jangsuchon Village

Sanasa Valley, Yangpyeong

A popular travel spot located near a quiet temple. There are lots to see and enjoy, and you can feel relaxed enjoying the beautiful view of the stream. It’s a good idea to sit on a lounge chair and listen to music or read.



Seoul Station → Yangpyeong Station → Take a taxi

Nearby Places Worth Visiting

Café The Greem  

Yongmunsa Temple (click here)

Sammaksa Valley (Anyang)

There’s a place near the city where you can see a forest full of trees and a valley. Sammaksa Valley in Anyang is close enough to Gwanak Station that you can take a bus from the subway station and arrive there in 10 minutes. You can easily find it as though taking a stroll along the mountain behind your home. True, Sammaksa Valley -- which covers both sides of the path leading from the Gyeonggi Campus of Gyeongin National University of Education up to Sammaksa -- does not have a lot of water, but it offers a great setting for enjoying a picnic in the shade.



Get off the subway at Gwanak Station Line 1 and take Town Bus 6-2 to the last stop, the Front Gate of Gyeongin National University of Education!