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1. Brief self-introduction (you may give only the and name to protect privacy)

2. What are your reasons for operating homestay?

3. Feelings you have had from operating homestay - Including your career in operating homestay

4. Surrounding tourist sites and must-tries recommended to foreigners (If foreigners’ purpose of visiting Korea is not travel, please     state the reasons for visiting Korea briefly)

5. Exchanges with foreigners? Episodes? Memorable moments

6. Things you want to tell foreigners who come for homestay – Personal opinions, homestay promotional mentions


From Gang Yoon-gyeong

1. My name is Gang Yoon-gyeong, and I live in Goyang.

2. After I married my husband, we went to Australia to study. Based on our experience in living in a foreign country, my husband and I realized the importance of English and wanted to provide a motivation for our child to study English harder by making friends with foreigners in this global era. Through such experiences with foreigners, we wanted our child to feel proud of being a Korean and to live as a productive member of the world community.

3. We do not have a lot of experiences with homestay, but we get to make friends with the foreigners who used our homestay and we could visit their country as well, so we can say that nurturing friendships with them is very fulfilling.

4. Our reason for operating homestay is not to make profit, so we do not intend to promote our house or surrounding tourist sites for business purposes. Ha ha

5. Many friends come to mind, but if I were to give a few examples, there’s street photographer David Gabriel who is from Czech Republic.

Left: a colorful buildings of Czech Republic./ Middle and Right: some pictures of photo book by David Gabriel.

He came to Seoul while taking a tour of the world in order to take photos of daily life in refined and modern cities around the world. He wanted to stay in our house for a week.

Later, he sent us his photo book published this year, and we felt very thankful.

I also want to introduce two more friends, a Swedish newlywed couple.

They told us that they chose a homestay instead of a fancy hotel in order to meet more Koreans personally. We were very impressed with their thinking.

A foriegn tourist and a Korean having a Korean dining.

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From Jung Eun-hee

1. Hello, my name is Jeong Eun-hee. I live in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do. My husband and I have two children aged 8 and 6 years.

2. We once stayed at a guesthouse operated by a local person in Okinawa, Japan. We were very impressed with the host’s kindness, and we had good memories about the Japanese home, which we would not have experienced from a hotel. We began Korea Stay to provide a memorable experience to foreigners who visit Korea just like we did at a guesthouse in Japan.

3. We began homestay during the Korea Stay 2nd session in 2012.

I work for a company, and our children are still young, so we do not accommodate many guests, but our children are considerate of guests – maybe because they have experienced being with guests since they were little. They have great interest in foreign countries and foreign languages as well.

Left: a part of a room of the Korea Stay./ Right: Jung Eun-hee's family; she, her husband, a daughter and a son.

4.  Bucheon Hanok Experience Village

The Hanok Experience Village is a 15-minute drive from our house.

It is small, but visitors can take a walk between beautiful Korean traditional houses and experience Korean traditional games such as playing yunnori (traditional Korean board game) and playing on the swings.

A small market is held in our apartment complex every Friday. Our guests can try Korean street foods such as tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) and sundae (blood sausage) while sitting around the street stalls.

5. In 2014, a Japanese college student stayed at our house.

After she graduated from school, she started working as a stewardess at a Japanese airline. During her job interview, she talked about her experience at our guesthouse and told the interviewer that she wanted to give a good impression of Japan to foreigners based on her good experience with our guesthouse. As a result, she was hired. Later, she visited us with her friend, and we were very happy to see her again.

If you want to experience an average Korean home, please come to our homestay~

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From Park Eun-sil

1. I am in my 50s and a housewife. My name is Park Eun-sil. I have two houses in Seoul and Yongin.

I am currently residing in Jangsu Village near Naksan Park, which is a fortress village in Seoul.

After reorganizing my house, I plan to operate a homestay.

A front view of Park Eun-sil's homstay with Naksan Park rampart in the background./ Right: There is a letter sculpture 'Naksan Park' and the beautiful rampart.

2. When I was a college student, I went to Japan and stayed at a homestay for 2 weeks for the first time.

From that experience, I became very interested in Japan and had a good impression about homestay.

In addition, I can meet various people from different countries, so I decided to operate a homestay.

3. I have not yet met many people from different countries, but I think that people’s basic thinking is the same.

Politically, we Koreans have difficulty becoming close to Japan, but I think individual people do not feel that way.

if we interact more actively at a civilian level, I believe we can widen our understanding of each other.

A gorgeous night view of seoul with Naksan Park rampart from the homestay.

4. In the case of Yongin, I would like to recommend places like Nam June Paik Art Center and Waujeongsa Temple

Note, however, that foreigners want to visit places where they can see the daily life of Koreans up close such as marts or jjimjilbang (sauna) or traditional markets, rather than famous tourist sites.

When I go to a foreign country, I also want to eat local food with the local people in those kinds of places.

In the case of Seoul where I am residing, Naksan Park is very popular among foreigners as well as Koreans.

Since there are other places to visit nearby such as Gilsangsa Temple, Daehangno Street, and Ihwajang House, I strongly recommend Naksan Park.

You can also tour various universities nearby such as Sungshin University and Hansung University.

5. At the house in Yongin, I have been operating a homestay for almost 3 years.

Many Japanese people came to my house. I remember an elementary school teacher who went through the Fukushima earthquake and two female students who were interested in Korean food.

The teacher from Fukushima brought books about the damages caused by the earthquake and explained a lot about the disaster. I felt very sad.

The teacher wanted to visit jjimjilbang, so my husband and I joined her and we had roasted eggs and sikhye (sweet rice drink) and tried a massage chair. We had a lot of fun.

One of the Japanese students told us that she wanted to visit us again if she got hired by a Japanese hotel after graduating. Later, she came to our house and stayed for a few days.

Because she had a pleasant personality compared to average Japanese students, our family had a great time with her.

6. When you use homestay, I hope you will be open-minded and ready to enjoy a different cultural experience.

Even though we may not able to offer extravagant experiences, we will do our best for you to have small fun and enjoyment to the fullest.


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