DDC (Dongducheon) Halloween Club Day 2017


DDC (Dongducheon) Halloween Club Day 2017

The “DDC [Dongducheon] Halloween Club Day” is held for visitors in their 20s-30s for 2 days from October 28 (Sat) to 29 (Sun) at the Dongducheon Special Tourist Zone. Held under the theme of Dongducheon night life, the festival aims to revitalize Dongducheon’s nights. The basic strategy of the festival is “Rebirth” to make new streets, and the night festival is intended to induce citizens’ participation. Halloween People who are ready to enjoy Club Day should not miss this great opportunity.

 A orange color poster of DDC Halloween Club Day with a halloween pumpkin and bats in the background.

Program: Halloween special concert, Dongducheon club opening & busking performance, Halloween night market

Change-up Campus Halloween Festival (Paju)

The 2017 Change-up Campus Halloween Festival will be held for 2 days from October 28 (Sat) to 29 (Sun). This year’s festival will offer performance programs, outdoor experience booths, and special programs.

A poster of Change-up Campus Halloween Festival with a halloween pumpkin smiling like a devil in the background.

Programs: Halloween show, Bubble show, Halloween costume contest, Magic show

Seoul Land Halloween Festival (Gwacheon)

Seoul Land is holding the “Halloween October Festival” until November 5 (Sun). Tens of thousands of sunflowers and chrysanthemums, which herald the coming autumn, decorate the plaza of Seoul Land World for visitors to savor the autumn atmosphere. Visitors can also enjoy the October Beer Party.

A picture of a performance dressed up as holloween ghost on the stage.

Program: 2017 Halloween ghost party, Halloween BIG show, Character Live! Parade, Animal Kingdom 2017, Halloween Ghost Photo time, Welcome to the character world, Street Brass Band