Autumn foliage excursion in Hwadam Botanic Garden


Hwadam Botanic Garden

■ Opened the online reservation for a pleasant viewing environment for Hwadam Botanic Garden during the autumn foliage season.

■ Visits are admitted after making a reservation online or via telephone.

Left: the Hwadam Botanic Garden with red autum leaves. / Middle: the Hwadam Botanic Garden  with yellow autum leaves./ Right: an oepn view of the way to Hwadam Botanic Garden with various colors of autumn leaves.

Hwadam Botanic Garden, which is located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, opens the from September 1 (Fri) for a pleasant viewing environment during the autumn foliage season.

Hwadam Botanic Garden’s is designed to promote a leisurely tour and to minimize visitors’ inconvenience of waiting through prior reservation via telephone or online during the autumn foliage festival period from October 21 (Sat.) to November 5 (Sun.) during weekends only; no reservation is required during weekdays.

Hwadam Botanic Garden has various species of colorful autumn foliage. It is a popular autumn foliage tourist site near Seoul. Last year, some 220,000 people visited the garden during the 3-week autumn foliage season.

You can make a reservation online or by phone for the date, the time, and the number of people visiting and make payment. On the day of the visit, get your ticket from an automatic ticketing machine at the entrance of Hwadam Botanic Garden and within Konjiam Resort. Reception begins from September 1 via Hwadam Botanic Garden homepage (, and telephone reservation is accepted as well. (+82-31-8026-6666)

Information on Hwadam Botanic Garden’s

- Prior reservation visit days: Weekends (Sat., Sun.) during the period October 21 (Sat.) ~ Nov. 5 (Sun.) / 6 days

- Reservation Opening: Sep. 1 (Fri.) ~ Nov. 5 (Sun.)

- Reservation Method: Make a reservation online/via telephone and make payment. On the day of visit, get tickets from an automatic ticketing machine and enter.

* Online Reservation: Make reservation and payment on the homepage of Hwadam Botanic Garden (

* Telephone Reservation: Call the customer service center for reservation and make payment (+82-31-8026-6666, 08:30~18:00 / Normal operation).

※ On the reserved day, reservation is available every 15 minutes from 8am to 4pm, and admission is granted.

※ Limit to 10 tickets per person per reservation.

※ Cancellation 24 hours before the visit date is availbale and fully refundable. Only 30% is refunded when canceling on the date of  

※ Changeable depending on the number of remaining tickets on the day of visit.