King Sejong Tour Bus, Yeoju


Let’s have a fun tour by taking the Gyeonggang Line and King Sejong Tour Bus.

Left: a front view of King Sejong train on the the Gyeonggang Rail Line ./ Right: a front view of the King Sejong Tour Bus. Take the Gyeonggang Rail Line and buy a one-day boarding pass (5,000 won) upon arriving at Yeoju Station. Board a Yellow Bus bound for your desired tourist site. After touring, get on the bus again according to the bus schedule and depart for the next course. If you use the first bus that departs at 10am, you can tour 5-6 sites comfortably at a low price.

The King Sejong Tour Bus is operating two lines – Ga-Line and Na-Line – by dividing the Yeoju area into the upper region and lower region. You can choose one line depending on the tourist sites. At overlapping places such as Tomb of King Sejong Site and Yeoju Fifth-day Market, you can transfer to the other line. When transferring lines, in the case of Hangeul Market, which is a Yeoju Fifth-day Market, you need to remember that Ga-Line and Na-Line use different station platforms. (Ga-Line: in front of Daerosa Shrine on the back side of the Yeoju Fifth-day Market; Na-Line: at the entrance of the Yeoju Fifth-day Market)

Let: the ticket office of the King Sejong Tour Bus. / Middle: a side view of the King Sejong Tour Bus./ Right: upper- Tomb of King Sejong covered with white snow, lower- the memorial hall of  King Sejong.

Ga-Line: Yeoju Station - Yeoju Fifth-day Market - Tomb of King Sejong-Silleuksa Temple -Mok-a Museum – Gangcheonbo - Geumeun Sand Recreation Area - Hwanghaksan Arboretum - Birth Home of Empress Myeongseong-Outlet

Na-Line: Yeoju Station - Yeoju Fifth-day Market - Tomb of King Sejong-Ipobo - Cheonseori Makguksu Village - Silleuksa Temple