A New Attraction in Downtown, Kintex Campground!


Goyang-city opens a Kintex Campground, which is a New Attraction to relax in Downtown.




Goyang City of Gyeonggi-do Province is opening Kintex Campground, the first public campground in the region. Kintex Campground is located on an area of 39,000㎡ as a downtown leisure space with great accessibility. It has 86 lots consisting of the Citizen Family Camping Zone (45 lots), Auto Camping Zone (25 lots), and Caravan Zone (16 lots), so it can accommodate 300 people.

Kintex Campground is a new form of downtown leisure cultural space that can connect the various cultural tourism contents of Goyang — such as Kintex convention center, Lake Park, One Mount (the Complex Cultural Center), and Aqua Planet — with camping activities. It is expected to be a new tourist attraction. Kintex Campground will be operated free of charge until late November as a trial basis. After getting various opinions from users and improving the shortcomings, it will be operated normally from December on a charged basis.