''Tomorrow's Whistle'', Imjinggang Dokgye Bridge Skywalk


Opening of Imjinggang Dokgye Bridge Skywalk, "Tomorrow's Whislte" in December within the Civilian Passage Restriction Line.



Tomorrow's Whistle, a Dokgye Bridge Skywalk where visitors can freely view Imjingang River within the civilian passage restriction line without any additional entrance procedure, will be opened in December in Paju, Gyeonggi-do.

A tourist facility “Tomorrow's Whistle” has built with the Dokgye Bridge restored, a historic symbolic structure of the division of North and South Korea, at a scale of 105m long and 5m wide. It was constructed to add more things to see and enjoy to the Imjingak tourist site where some 6 million tourists visit. As the only tourist facility within the civilian passage restriction line, “Tomorrow's Whistle” does not require visitors to get an entrance permit from the Ministry of National Defense.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Government is implementing a project on “complementary road construction for nearby military units” in cooperation with the military base in the province. The place will be opened when all the procedures are completed in December.