Tour to AMOREPACIFIC, Korean Cosmetic Company


AMOREPACIFIC is one of the leading cosmetic companies in South Korea that has 60years of its history and about 30 cosmetic brands such as Mamonde, innisfree, Etude, Sulwhasoo and more. They opened the Story Garden at AMOREPACIFIC's Beauty Campus in Gyeonggi-do, Osan City in September, 2013. The initial purpose of this campus is to convey a deeper connection to the company’s beauty products and philosophy with visitors.



The campus offer botanical gardens with their collection like traditional art, contemporary art, galleries and contemplative spaces. Tour guide introduce history of AMOREPACIFIC like its the first cosmetic product and also visitors can enjoy it touching and feeling the nature of raw ingredients for cosmetic products, such as Ginseng, Camelia, Gree Tea, Soybean, etc. The most exciting parts of tour are having own personal lipstick with your name or any phrase you want on it and taking photos like advertisement and posters of AMOREPACIFIC. Throughout the tour, visitors are encouraged to have a closer bond with the company’s values and brand identity.

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