Everland opens the ''Music Garden''


A New Style of Garden integrating Plants and Music, the “Music Garden” of Everland 





Everland presents a garden created by integrating plants and music. The music garden presents the competitiveness of Everland’s plant contents that have been accumulated over the past 40 years since it first started as “Jayeon Nongwon (Farmland)” in 1976. It now offers communion, healing, and five-sense experiences for visitors by integrating music that improves the health of plants.

The music garden is the fruit of Everland’s 40-year history. First off, old trees cultivated with Everland’s core landscape technology are a must-see. Dozens of old trees including a 150-year-old zelkova tree, which is called “Harmony Tree,” at the center of the garden as well as cornelian cherry tree (100 years old) and hackberry tree (70 years old) boast of their beautiful stature.

To celebrate the opening of the music garden, Everland planted a commemorative tree with 30 children members of the Everland Plant Caring Group and held an event of discharging fireflies, wishing for the prosperity of the music garden. Everland plans to give away sunflower and rainbow flower seeds to the first 2000 visitors of the music garden.