Korean Folk Village: Welcome to Joseon



A journey into a distant past. The Korean Folk Village does not simply present houses of different social classes — people used to live in those houses. From the village community, let’s learn about our ancestors’ lifestyle and act like Joseon people. We strongly recommend wearing Korean traditional costume to enjoy the Korean Folk Village fully.

Exotic Experience Zone

The path you walk on becomes an experience zone. Beggars and peddlers on the street present various art performances and turn the place where visitors are standing into a stage. Let’s immerse ourselves into a fashion that was once popular several hundred years ago in a room of entertainers who led fashion and participate in the event offered by the generous owner of a tavern.

Traditional Experience

Visitors can experience making mapae (“horse requisition tablet” of secret royal inspector) and hopae (ID tag) used in the Joseon period. They can also make hyangnang, a scent sachet that worked like a love charm.