Festivals of Northern Gyeonggi-do Province Ⅰ


A photo of a huge lotus light sculpture and 'Stunning festivals in autumn' is written on it.

1. Goyang Autumn Flower Festival - Goyang

Celebrating its 11th anniversary in 2017, the Goyang International Flower Expo is a representative international horticulture festival for the autumn season. As the title of the international flower expo suggests, visitors can see various flower plants and rare plants from 25 countries, In the vicinity of Lake Park in Ilsan, Goyang-si are some 268 prepared flower gardens emitting a unique floral fragrance.

- World Flower Exchange Hall, Flower Cultural Hall, Flower Brand Hall

Visitors can appreciate representative flowers and new species from domestic and overseas flower businesses

Exterior - Gawaji Rice symbolizing Goyang-si as well as sculpture garden depicting 600 years’ history Several themes are prepared such as a garden of tulips – dubbed the Queen of Flowers – as well as home gardens that can be cultivated personally

A part of Korea Flower Indsutrial Exhibition decorated with various kinds of flowers and trees.

Sept. 29 ~ Oct. 9

Address: 595, Hosu-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

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2. Goyang Haengju Culture Festival - Goyang

Goyang-si of Gyeonggi-do Province is holding the 30th Goyang Haengju Culture Festival for two days from September 9 to 10 at Haengjusanseong Fortress.

People doing traditional ancestral rituals for the deceased patriots of the Siege of Haengju./ Right: People looking a traditional parade

September 9 - Goyang Citizen Parade

On the section of the 1.6km-long Hwajeong Culture Street (Deogyang-gu Office - Children’s Museum - Deogyang-gu Office), the festival is held in three segments: the Opening Courtyard (Peaceful Unification Site), the Main Courtyard (Toward Unification), and the Post-Festival Courtyard (Que sera sera Goyang).

Before the festival, a traditional event of the Haengju Culture Festival – which commemorates the souls of the fallen heroes including the spirit of Provincial Governor Gwon Yul who died protecting the homeland during the battle of Haengju fought between Joseon and Japan – will be held in the vicinity of Haengjusanseong Fortress from 9:00am of the same day. The photo zone of the chief gatekeeper of Haengjusanseong Daecheommun Gate, Jukgung Palace, Singijeon (rocket-propelled arrow), traditional martial arts experience, and tank experience assisted by the 9th infantry division will be offered at the vicinity of Haengjusanseong Fortress. Nighttime scenic lighting and courtyard play of “the glitzy story of the fortress” will be continued until 11pm.

September 10 - Outdoor stage at the Goyang Cultural Center

Traditional folk play will be presented by 500 performers from 15 teams of the Goyang Traditional Arts Troupe.

- Hwajeong Cultural Plaza

The Goyang New Hallyu Arts Troupe holds a festival.

Period: Sept. 9~10

Address: 13, Hwajung-ro 104beon-gil, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

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3. Gamak Cultural Festival - Yangju

The 11th Gamak Cultural Festival will be held on September 10 at Sinsan Sports Park in Nam-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do.

According to Yangju City, this year’s event is a festival held by the citizens without requesting support from the local government and is organized by the Nammyeon Citizen Autonomous Committee and local groups.

Parade - Street parade of military band and farmer’s music

Invited performances – Dance sports, Gamaksan Art Troupe, Yangju Wind Orchestra

Citizen Autonomous Programs – Farmer’s music, happy exercise, Nanta, military soldiers’ talent contest, sports dance

Left: Kids looking and experiencing the military tank exhibition. / Middle: a photo of children performing Taekwondo. / Right: a photo of  the soldiers playing music with drums.

Sept. 10

Address: 100, Gaenari 18-gil, Nam-myeon, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

4. Yangju Thousand Globe Amaranth Festival - Yangju

Yangju-si of Gyeonggi-do announced on August 21 that it would be holding the Thousand Globe Amaranth Festival from September 23 to 24 by planting globe amaranths on a 33,000㎡ area at Gwangsa-dong Farm. During the festival, various cultural events will be held, including nationwide amateur photo contest and flower seed collection experience event. Located on a 124,708㎡area, Yangju Farm has planted some 50 species of flowers for visitors to appreciate various flowers all year round. It has constructed flower gardens in round shape and maze shape, and it has rest areas such as parasol and observatory for visitors to enjoy nature to the fullest downtown.

A beautiful view the huge  Globe Amaranth field.

Period: Sept. 23~24

Address: 131-66, Gwangsa-ro, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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5. Namyangju Dasan Culture Festival - Namyangju

The 31st Namyangju Dasan Cultural Festival will be held at Dasan Historic Site and Dasan Eco Park in Joan-myeon from September 15 to 17 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of publication of Gyeongse yupyo (Design for Good Government) written by scholar Jeong Yak-yong (pen-name: Dasan) and Jeong Yak-yong’s pursuit of pragmatism and caring spirit for people. This year’s Namyangju Dasan Culture Festival will feature various experience-oriented activities under the theme “Meeting the new me.” In particular, the festival will be made more meaningful by mobilizing citizen participants for the event of “historical figure performance,” which is the most popular program of the festival.

A group photo of lots of foreign tourists on Korean traditional clothes of scholars at the Dasan Historic Site.

Historical figure performance - A program of enacting historical figures during the Joseon period.

Various characters such as satto (district magistrate), ibang (government official), giseng (female entertainer), hunjang (teacher), oriental doctor, and beggar will provide a lot of fun to tourists who visit the festival.

Period: Sept. 15~17

Address: 131-66, Gwangsa-ro, Yangju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

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