Paju Gaeseong Ginseng Festival 2016


Paju Gaeseong Ginseng Festival 2016



The Paju Gaeseong Ginseng Festival will be held for two days on October 15-16. Paju Gaeseong Ginseng, which won the Silver Prize (Award from the Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs) at the Farming Food Power Brand Competition, has an excellent reputation as a ginseng species that succeeds Goryeo Ginseng and whose flavor, scent, nourishment, and brand are highly regarded. The reason Paju Gaeseong Ginseng is highly recognized worldwide is that it is being cultivated under optimal geographical and climate conditions. During the festival, farmers will sell 6-year-old ginseng roots directly to consumers, and visitors will be able to participate in experience-oriented events such as harvesting ginseng, making ginseng liquor, and sharing ginseng bibimbap (mixed rice) as well as watching performances.

Period: Oct. 15-16, 2016

: (Munsan-eup) 177, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Venue: Imjingak Plaza in Paju

Inquiries: +82-31-940-5288,5281

Website: https://tour.paju.go.kr