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Anyang Chunghun Cherry Blossom Festival (April 7-9)

Come spring, Anyang the city of art turns into a city of cherry blossoms as pink petals rain down on and along the river. Unlike most cherry blossom festivals with big events, here in Anyang, you can enjoy the season by strolling, pushing baby strollers, or bike-riding. If you find yourself at the gate of the pale pink arch, why not let your inner artist have a field day and take artsy photographs? And don’t forget to check out the concert by famous Korean singers on the last day!

Yeoju Heungcheon Namhangang Cherry Blossom Festival (April 7-9)

Here’s the best chance to enjoy cherry blossoms and local culture combined in one. Yeoju Festival is the only festival that offers the cherry blossom car. Yeoju is also famous for traditional entertainment and special delicacies native to Yeoju. Take pictures at the photo zone on the cherry blossom road filled with fluffy pink petals and soap bubbles – it’s your precious chance to get to know the city of Yeoju in Gyeonggi-do Province!