Everland festival~


Everland opens “Cherry Blossom Festival,” a white seduction of spring

 ◇ First opening on the 8th, with some 10,000 cherry blossom trees expected to be in full bloom from the 13th

 - Cherry blossom forest, king cherry blossom trail, and cherry blossom driveway as popular attractions

 - Flowers here blossom later than those in other places… A famous place where springtime picnickers can have their last chance to enjoy cherry blossoms

에버랜드 벚꽃 만개_호암호수 벚꽃림

 ◇ “Yongin Ever Cherry Blossom Festival” to be held around Hoam Lake on the 13th∼16th

 - Offers photo spots under the theme of cherry blossom… holds cherry blossom photo shoot SNS events as well

에버랜드 벚꽃 만개_퍼레이드길

 □ Everland offers the best spring scenery with 1.2 million colorful tulip flowers and white cherry blossoms for springtime picnickers.

This year, Everland's cherry blossoms will start blossoming around the 8th, and they are expected to be in full bloom from the 13th around the time the “Yongin Ever Cherry Blossom Festival” begins.

In particular, Everland's cherry blossoms will be in full bloom after Korea's famous cherry blossom festivals — such as Jinhae Gunhangje Festival and Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival — end, so Everland's cherry blossoms are well-known among springtime picnickers who missed seeing cherry blossoms due to their hectic schedules.

에버랜드 벚꽃 만개_이솝빌리지 벚꽃 테마길

□ The highlight of Everland's cherry blossoms includes the cherry blossom forest in the front mountain of Hoam Lake and the king cherry blossom trail around the lake, which were selected as one of the Eight Sights of Yongin.

In the cherry blossom forest formed in the mountain across Hoam Lake, some 10,000 trees consisting of various cherry blossom species such as king cherry blossom and mountain cherry blossom make for amazingly beautiful scenery along with other spring flowers such as magnolia, azalea, forsythia, azalea, and royal azalea.

The walking trails along the lake that runs through between the 50-year-old king cherry blossom trees are covered with cherry blossom petals, creating an appearance of flower rain. Thus, it is a popular cherry blossom place, attracting photographers nationwide.

 에버랜드 벚꽃 만개_왕벚나무 산책로

□ In addition, several places within Everland, such as the air-spinning attraction “Hurricane” and 100-meter cherry blossom theme path running down to "Aesop's Village” as well as the super Flume Ride "Thunder Falls” and “T Express” and the surrounding parade path, have cherry blossoms, so visitors can enjoy amusement rides and scenery of cherry blossoms at the same time.

The 2.2 km-long “Cherry Blossom Road” that runs from Maseong Tollgate of Yeongdong Expressway to the main entrance of Everland is known as the best cherry blossom drive course where visitors can enjoy cherry blossoms in their car.

에버랜드 벚꽃 만개_티익스프레스 주변

□ Everland holds “Yongin Ever Cherry Blossom Festival” for 4 days from the 13th to the 16th around Hoam Lake, which is full of cherry blossoms

During the festival, various photo spots using cherry blossoms, such as large scenic train, love ring, and hot air-balloon, will be constructed around the lake. On Everland's official Facebook and Instagram pages, cherry blossom photo shoot events will be operated, and various gifts such as Everland year-round ticket, one-day ticket, and coffee gift icon will be offered.

During the cherry blossom period, free shuttle bus will be operated between the main entrance to Hoam Lake for the convenience of visitors while in Everland and at the event venue.