2017 Hantaek Botanical Garden Spring Flower Festival


The “Spring Flower Festival” will be held for one month from April 22 to May 21, 2017

 A flower festival is held at Korea’s largest botanical garden

- Educational and experience programs will be operated for visitors to learn about nature and ecology

- A special exhibition will be held for visitors to appreciate different species of plants

 Hantaek Botanical Garden in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Province is holding the “Spring Flower Festival” for one month from April 22 to May 21. Hantaek Botanical Garden consists of 32 thematic gardens on an area of 200,000 pyeong (approx. 660,000 m2). A total of 10,000 species of native and foreign plants are planted suiting their ecological environment, so visitors can see beautiful plants by season and theme.

한택식물원 봄꽃 페스티벌

Unlike other existing festivals that are consumption-oriented or artificial, the Spring Flower Festival is held in a sustainable form with natural gardens for visitors to feel the preciousness of our plant resources. The biggest feature of Hantaek Botanical Garden is that visitors can see characteristic plants anytime. A total of 36 theme gardens are constructed by season and theme — tulips, daffodils, beautiful corydalis, and wild cherry tree boast of their beauty in mid-April, and peony, Korean spice viburnum, and iris show off their splendor in early May.


From mid-May, visitors can enjoy Russian iris, peony, and Oriental columbine as well as a wide variety of flowers. In particular, at the Natural Ecological Garden, which presents the nature of four seasons, Korean wild flowers such as Oriental columbine, dog’s tooth violet, and Single-spike chloranthus as well as tulip, daffodil, magnolia, and apricot flowers are in full bloom. In addition, in the greenhouse, visitors can see the baobab tree (Australian greenhouse) that appears in the novel The Little Prince as well as plants unique to South Africa and Central and South America.


The Spring Flower Festival also offers educational and participatory programs for visitors to learn about nature and ecology instead of simply appreciating flowers. “Journey into Korean Wild Flowers,” which is operated in April and May, is a program that provides experiences under a professional guide. In addition, visitors can apply for the “Family Honey Bee Class” and taste organic honey free of sugar and antibiotics, which is produced by the pristine Hantaek Botanical Garden, and observe honeybees as well.

During this festival, an exhibition of miniature paintings titled “Graphite Botanical Illustrations” will be held in the Garden Center. Hosted by the Korean Society of Botanical Illustrators, this exhibition will present artworks on plants and natural subjects created by human’s artistic sensibility during the period May 1 ~ 28.


During weekends and holidays, onsite events will be held for everyone to participate regardless of age or gender. The garden mission “Rescue flower fairies in the QR code!” will provide an opportunity to learn about plants and get prizes by finding fairies from forests that protect the botanical garden and witches that hamper the fairies. The stamp mission “Search for garden friends!” which asks visitors to find fairy friends in the botanical garden, will be undertaken as well.

 한택식물원 봄꽃축제5

The mobile game “kkongalmon” to promote Yongin City’s tourism, which is operating from April, will be officially launched next month. In sync with the launch, a monster exclusive for Hantaek Botanical Garden will appear. Yongin City will hold an event that gives away admission tickets to various tourist sites in Yongin City if visitors take photos with the monster and upload them on SNS.


The Korea Forest Service also operates an event called “Treasure Hunt at Botanical Garden” to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the agency. Hantaek Botanical Garden offers gifts to event participants who take photos of themselves with the designated plants at famous places in May and register the photos on the homepage of the Korea Forest Service’s 50th Anniversary. If you are planning to have a family outing on a weekend, a family ecological experience tour will be perfect for you.