Eating-alone Travel



In order to deliver the message that living alone can be a happy and leisurely experience, the project of “Eating alone travel” is started in Suwon. Unfortunately, it is a one-day event only, but various fruitful events will be held during the short time to awaken our five senses.
The events include the following: good food promotion center, small library, healthy food truck, and flea market as well as chef Lee Won-il’s lecture on eating alone, the performances of the music group “The Hidden” and KT wiz cheerleaders, and the filming of the MBC program “Delicious Map Season 3.” Furthermore, there will be a pro baseball competition on the day of the event, so visitors can watch the KT wiz baseball game.



The venue of Eating Alone Travel “KT wiz Garden” can be used more conveniently when entering through the north gate of the Suwon Stadium. It is operated on a prior reservation system, so vehicles with prior reservation can park from 4:30 pm (one-day parking is available before 4:30pm).

Date : June 16 (Fri.)

Transportation : Get on the bus (7770, 3000, 2007, 310, 900) at the Suwon Station( line 1) and Get off at the Kt Wiz