Jarasum Fireworks Festival (Gapyeong 8/12~15)



Jarasum is made up of 3 islands -- Joongdo, Seodo, and Namdo -- and 2 annexed islands.

A midsummer night’s dream-like story beautifully filling the hot summer night unfolds here in Jarasum.


As the largest in Korea, the Jarasum Fireworks Festival offers not only indie band performances, water gun games, and fireworks but also the “Gapyeong Craft Beer Festival” where you can taste various types of craft beer — talk about killing two birds with one stone! You can participate in a refreshing water gun festival during the day and enjoy fireworks made using top-class technology equipment as well as elaborate dance musicals in the evening.


Fireworks shows are never-ending throughout the entire period of the event. Seodo Island also has a large camping area for families and couples where you can truly cool off while enjoying the event. You can choose from the three available options: Auto Camping, Easy Camping, and Caravan Camping. In Joongdo, you can revel in a gala of fireworks as indie-band performances, B-boy shows, and beatboxing shows follow one after the other on an extra-large stage. Don’t miss the new, fancy, ever-changing fireworks festival that will keep us cool this summer.

234 TONG Festival (Gapyeong 8/11~15)

With the summer vacation season having begun already, the “1st 234 Tong Festival 2017” will be held for 5 days and 4 nights, from August 11~15, at “Jarasum Theme Park” located in Gapyeong-eup in Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do.

The “234 Tong Festival 2017” organizers are preparing a one-week event from 7/29 to 8/4 where a certain number of people who are first to purchase a “Couples Ticket” gets to choose between free night Grass Square Camping or Stage Camping. Early sellout is expected, so you’d better book tickets quickly. You can see the lineup and book the event tickets at Coupang.