Sihwa Narae Marine Festival



Co-hosted by Siheung-si, Ansan-si, Hwaseong-si in Gyeonggi-do and K-water, the “Sihwa Narae Marine Festival 2017” is held in part of Sihwaho Lake. Competitions include “Play Geobukseom Island,” a kayak contest held on September 2 wherein you cut through the cool waters of Sihwaho Lake on a kayak, as well as a rafting competition on September 3, a fierce race with Geobukseom Island as the starting point.


The kayak competition is composed of four divisions -- Regular (male), regular (female), teenagers, and family -- and teams of two can participate in it. The rafting competition is divided into regular (male), regular (female), teenagers, and children’s divisions, and teams of at least eight people each can participate.


This year’s competition is made up of categories that even those new to marine leisure sports can enjoy, and there is also a practice session provided until the competition starts. Registration is not available on the day of the competition; they are only accepting prior registrations up to a certain number of people. For inquiries on how to participate, contact the Tourism Division of Siheung City Hall(Click here).

Sihwa NaraeWaterway Tour

10am-5pm, Sep. 2 (Sat)-3 (Sun), 2017: Operates 7 sessions a day,40 minutes per session

Venue: Sihwa NaraeService Area Quay, 540 people on a first-come, first-served basis, Select a time slot, free of charge

Prior recruitment in early August via the official Facebook page of Sihwa Narae Festival!!

Ueumdo IslandEco Trekking

10am-5pm, Sep. 2 (Sat)-3 (Sun), 2017: Ueumdo Island, Hwaseong (Environmental School~Dullegil Trail ~Observatory)

Family members accompanying elementary students, 400 people (200 people a day) via online on a first-come, first-served basis, AdultsKRW 7,000, elementary studentsKRW 5,000

Kayak Competition

10am-5pm, Sep. 2 (Sat)-3 (Sun), 2017, Sihwaho Lake(Sihwa Narae~MTV Turtle Island)

General citizens& teens, 640 people (2 people per team, 320 people) Competition Categories General Group, Teen Group, Family Group

Sea Rafting Competition

10am-5pm, Sep. 2 (Sat)-3 (Sun), 2017, Sihwaho Lake (MTV Turtle Island)

General citizens& teens, 500 people,Competition Categories 200M General Group, Teen Group, 100M Children’s Group, Each team should have 11 people to participate

Minimum of 8 people required to participate

Fin Swimming Competition

10am-5pm, Sep. 2 (Sat)-3 (Sun), 2017, Sihwaho Lake (Sihwa Narae Rest Area Quay)

Participants include athletes joining the Korean Sports& Olympics Committee, 600 people, Participation fee KRW 30,000

Period: September 2(Sat.)~3(Sun.)

PlaceShihwa MTV Turtle Islandand Shihwa Narae resting place and Ueumdo

Address: Jeongwang-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

Transportation: Get off at Ansan station and exit from the gate(No.1). Walk about 127m for the bus stop. After getting on the bus(No.123), Get off at the Sihwaho Tidal Power Plant. Walk for The Shihwa Narae resting place about 67m.

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