Festivals of Northern Gyeonggi-do Province Ⅱ


A picture of a performance of spinning big flatters on the outdoor stage and 'Happy Autumn, Happy Festival' is written on it.

1. Namyangju Slow Life Planet  - Namyangju

The 2017 Namyangju Slow Life Planet will be held for 5 days at the Namyangju Sports Culture Center from September 22 to 26. It is a Slow Life cultural festival that is gaining popularity.


The “Gourmet Tourism Experience Hall” is a small version of the “Slow Life Gourmet Tourism Platform,” which received the Grand Prize at the 2016 Gyeonggi-do Next Creation Audition. It is the highlight of the contents that show a preview of the 10 billion won projects and suggests the future of global Slow Life city.

Left: lots of kids from a kindergarten picking the different vegetables they want in the Gourmet Tourism Experience Hall. / Right: the chiefs are making bibimbap in a huge bowl.

“Hangawi (Korean Thanksgiving Day) Special Exhibition” - Environment-friendly livestock contest, free barbecue site where visitors can enjoy grilling meat outdoors

Period: 09.22~09.26

Address: 91, Dasanjigeum-ro, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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2. Paju Booksori - Paju

The 7th “Paju Booksori 2017” will be held at Paju Bookcity for 3 days from September 15 to 17. Paju Booksori will be operated in three sections: Liberal Arts Stage, Cultural Art Stage, and Bookstore Street Stage. 


A picture of a music performance with big drums on the indoor stage.

  • “Forest of Wisdom” Late Night Bookstore - Reading books late at night at the “Forest of Wisdom,” which is a library within the Book City
  • “Book Concert” - Sharing stories about books under the theme of peace
  • “Reading Therapy” - In search of reading trends through 4 kinds of objects
  • “Come to our house”-Readers personally visit publishers and listen to stories 
  • Various events for meeting writers are held in several s
  • “Meeting writers” - Combine literary works with recitation and performance participated in by poet Chung Ho-sung, writer Lee Byung-ryul, poet Park Joon, writer Eun Hee-kyung, writer Jang Kang-myoung, writer Baek Young-ok, and writer Lee Gi-ju
  • “Radio Novel Theater” - Listening to novel stories read by voice actors
  • “Book Reading Performance” - Reading a book in the form of play and musical
  • “Rooftop Concert” – Meeting writers through music

Period: Sept. 15~17

Address: 145, Hoedong-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

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3. MATO Festival - Pyeongtaek

Every last Saturday of the month, Pyeongtaek has an exciting festival mood. Many people come to “MATO Festival 2017” held in the vicinity of Rodeo Street in Anjeong-ri, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si. Held under a different theme every week, “MATO Festival” is a village festival wherein everyone can participate, and it offers various performances, exhibitions, experiences, and food.

Left: foreign kids visitors are sitting at a booth of diverse art experience booths. / Right: a foreing family with two kids are trying to write Korean  alphabet at a booth.

Period: June 24 ~ Oct. 28

Address: 15, Anjeongshopping-ro, Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do

4. Uijeongbu International Gayageum Festival - Uijeongbu

The “4th Uijeongbu International Gayageum Festival” is held at the Uijeongbu Arts Center for two days this year from September 29 to 30. It aims to transmit and develop gayageum (twelve-stringed zither) music and to globalize and revitalize Korean traditional music. It holds a gayageum contest as well as performances by Professor Moon Jae-sook, holder of Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 23 Gayageum Sanjo and Byeongchang (Free-style Gayageum Solo and Music and Singing) and her students, including international academic seminars.

A gayageum performance is on the stage and the players wear the Korean traditional clothes.


​––“Jukpa Gayageum Contest” – Held in 5 categories (elementary school, middle school, high school, adult, and masters)

 -Applications are accepted until September 26. For details on the selection of music for the preliminary and main contests, refer to the homepage (http://uigf.co.kr)


“Uijeongbu International Academic Seminar” - Invites overseas famous scholars


∙“Accompanying gayageum, singing, and dancing with Professor Moon Jae-sook and students” (Subtitle: “Dream over the Rainbow”) - A new form of performance created by combining gayageum, singing, and dancing



Period: Sept. 29~30

Address: 72, Nogyang-ro, Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do

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5. DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (Goyang)

The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival is Korea’s first festival that uses DMZ as its background; it is a venue where visitors can enjoy various documentaries from Korea and overseas in one place.

A a black and white picture named 'Afghanistan'; a girl looking in through a hole in the wall , the main  poster of 2017 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

The DMZ International Documentary Film Festival is dreaming of transforming DMZ ‒ where violence and peace began ‒ into a festival venue to be with people all over the world through documentaries delivering the message of peace, communication, and life. As a window reflecting genuine introspection about the world, documentaries provide new awakening toward an understanding of the world as well as genuine emotion as the films are not fabricated.

Period: Sept. 21~28      

Cities: Goyang-si, Paju-si,  Gimpo-si, Yeoncheon-gun        

Multiplex: Megabox Baekseok(Gogyang), Megabox bookcity(Paju)

Special screening: Gimpo Art Hall, YeoncheonSureul Art Hall

Venue: Camp Greaves(Opening celemony), Theater Aramnuri

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