Gwanggyosan Festival


Gwanggyosan Festival


The Gwanggyosan forest journey will be held on June 18 on Gwanggyosan Mountain to offer a forest experience to family visitors. This festival, participated in by 3000 citizens of Suwon, will offer a flea market for citizens to experience recycling resources and putting it into practice as well as a participation program for an eco-exploration team consisting of teens to enable them to learn about the preservation of the environment.

Date: June 18 (Sat.), 2016, 14:00-18:00

Experience programs: Making of natural objects and sounds, exhibition of fair trade & environment-friendly products, let’s play with Tojongi, making of environment-friendly air freshener, wood art, the planet is like one village, fan making, regenerated energy use, and economic education to save the environment

For Inquiries & Applications: 031-273-8311 (participation on the same day available)