Enjoy Special Walking Tour in the Splendid Fall in Korea!


Hosting of the 2014 Pyeonghwanuri-gil Walking Event

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This fall, the 2014 Pyeonghwanuri-gil (also Pyeonghwanuri Trails) Walking Event will be hosted in Gyeonggi-do, starting in Paju on September 13thand,afterthat,inYeoncheonandGimpoeverytwoweeks.TheeventwillgiveanopportunityforvisitorstowalkalongtheDemilitarizedZone(DMZ),whichisthesymbolofthedividedcountryaswellasthehomeofarich,pristineecologicalsystem.

The event also accompanies a special bike tour on the following Sunday to celebrate the opening of the Pyeonghwanuri-gil Bike Trail. Designed to provide visitors with an opportunity to better understand nature, culture, and history of the DMZ, visitors can walk as well as bike in areas normally prohibiting civilian access. 

The event will be also run with themes, with Paju for music, Yeoncheon for books, and Gimpo for photos. The event will offer various fun programs for members of social walking clubs and family visitors with children. Such programs will include “busking” performances and “photo spots” reflecting the themes of the venues.

A certain amount of money will be accumulated as long as participants walk, and it will be donated to the DMZ Restoration Project, making the event a meaningful occasion for all.

Application for participation in the event can be made on the official event website (www.walkyourdmz.com). The number of participants for each event venue will be limited to 500 to 700 (first-come, first-served basis in terms of payment). The participation fee will be 10,000 Won. Participants will also receive souvenirs such as a hiking stick and backpack sponsored by TrekSta as well as an event participation certificate upon completing a route.

International visitors can participate in the event as long as they include at least two members and apply for the event as a group; the leader of the group processing the application must be Korean.

❍ Event Venues and Routes

s Dates Routes Distance Remarks
Paju Saturday, September 13th Pyeonghwanuri-gil Route No. 8: Bangujeong Trail(Imjingak Pavilion → Unification Bridge → Chopyeongdo Island → Jangsan Observatory) 7km Including the Civilian Control Line
Sunday, September 14th Imjingak Pavilion → Unification Bridge → 64T → Imjingak Pavilion 17.2km
Yeoncheon Saturday, September 27th Pyeonghwanuri-gil Route No. 11: Imjin Jeokbyeok Trail(Gunnam Flood Control Reservoir → Herb Village → Jusangjeolli Cliff) 8km14km


Sunday, September 28th Public Stadium → Youth Campground → Public Stadium 36km
Gimpo Saturday, October 11th Pyeonghwanuri-gil Route No. 1: Yeomhagang Iron Fence Trail(Hamsang Park → Deokpojin → Buraedo Island → Hamsang Park) 7km


Sunday, October 12th Sculpture Park → Munsusanseong Fortress → Check Point A → Mir Village → Check Point B → Sculpture Park 23.5km Including the Civilian Control Line

❍ For participation, call 82-31-956-8310.