New York Festivals in Yeoju 2015



New York Festivals, one of the World’s Best Advertizing Festivals and festivities for advertisers and creativity, will be held in Yeoju this July. This will be the first New York Festivals held in Korea.




Seminars, presentation of awards, exhibition of NYF 2015 prize-winning works and those nominated for a prize, and many others such as sales of local agricultural products, ceramics made in Yeoju, and a Temple Stay at Silleuksa will be offered for the guests and visitors.

Especially for this year’s event, “King Sejong Creativity Award” was newly created to celebrate King Sejong’s greatest creation of Hangul and his love for the people.

 “New York Festivals in Yeoju 2015” will be held for five days from July 1st so please come and make the event even more exiciting.


Venues: Sun Valley Hotel, Yeoju Dojasesang, Sejong Gugakdang, etc., in Yeoju

Period: July 1(Weds.) - 5 (Sun.), 2015 (for five days)

* Exhibition and film showing to be extended to July 12 by popular demand

Tel: +82-31-887-2902~4 / +82-70-7010-5760

Official Website: http://nyfinyeoju.org