Park Concert


Park Concert

July 18 - August 29


First held in 2012, the Park Concert is an annual event held in natural surroundings with an array of programs. It is comparable to similar events held in iconic venues like the Waldbühne Amphitheater in Berlin, the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, and Tanglewood in Boston. Each Park Concert performance draws over 10,000 people and diverse genres of music are played like classical, pop, rock, and hip-hop. Families will find it to be a good way to spend a summer night together. No admission fee.



Event Period: July 18th - August 29th

Venue: Open-Air Performance Area in Bundang Central Park, Seongnam-si

Tel: +82-31-729-4907

Homepage: http://www.parkconcert.co.kr/2015parkconcert.html