Anseongmachum Grape Festival


Anseongmachum Grape Festival

September 12th - 13th


The 6th Anseongmachum Grape Festival will be held at the Anseong Grape Museum in Seoun-myeon on September 12th and 13th. The annual festival is held to make Anseong Grape -- which boasts of 110 years’ history -- more widely known. During the festival, visitors can buy grapes (diverse varieties such as Kyoho, Muscat Hamburg, Rosario Bianco, Alexandria, Manicure Finger, etc.) at vineyards in Seoun-myeon at good prices. Comfe rose wine and whisky made from Kyoho grapes grown in Anseong are sold as well.


Programs include the sampling of locally grown grapes and wine made from them, hands-on experience of making wine and dyes with grape juice, tour around vineyards, hiking along a trail in Seounsan Mountain, sketch contest, and singing contest.

Event Period: September 12th - 13th

Venue: 68, Bangadong-gil, Seoun-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel: +82-31-678-3751

Homepage: http://www.asmc.asia/index.html