Byeolmangseong Arts Festival


Byeolmangseong Arts Festival

September 11th - 13th

Built between valleys along the coast, Byeolmangseong is a coastal fortress made of stones. It was constructed to build a fortified area against invasions of the Mongolian Army and Japanese invaders from the sea near Namyang Bay. The flat land surface is presumed to be a military base. According to records in Dongguk yeojiseungnam (Geography of Korea during the Joseon Dynasty), the Chojijin Fort was moved to Ganghwa-do in 1656 (the 7th year of King Hyojong’s reign), and subsequently the fort located here was named Choji 1, and the fort in Ganghwa-do was called Choji 2. Byeolmangseong is a historic site that has withstood events throughout Korean history.


As an industrial and artistic city, Ansan promotes the root concepts of Byeolmangseong and integrates the philosophy of Neo-Confucian scholar Yi Ik, the insights of painter Kim Hong-do, and the volunteering spirit of the agricultural activist Choe Yong-sin. Byeolmangseong Art Festival, which celebrates its 29th anniversary this year, is held every year as a patriotic art festival. Major performances include the Byeolchomu Performance, an opening ceremony and performance, an exhibition, contests, and auxiliary events.

Event Period: September 11th - 13th

Venue: Ansan Arts Center (14, Hwajeongcheondong-gil, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si; Get off at Gojan Station of Subway Line No. 4, Exit No. 1; 5 minutes’ work)

Tel: +82-31-485-3844

Homepage: www.ansanart.co.kr