Korean Folk Village - Welcome to Joseon



The Korean Folk Village, as an open-air folk museum, has been an attraction since 1974 for both international and local tourists.

There is a special event called ‘Welcome to Joseon’ which is held every year between April and June. By day, the Korean Folk Village is where Joseon Dynasty comes to life. It is just like stepping back in time from the hustle and bustle of street where costumed ladies and gents parade.

On the streets, visitors will be entertained by costumed Joseon characters not only ‘Kisaeng’ ‘Jangsa-ggun’ ’geo-gi’ and also total of 22 different characters who are happy to pose for a great photo. This culture event includes three fun and comedy contests that everyone can enjoy and be involved in it to get a prize. Other major programs are provided below.

Performance – Heated contest of Characters of Joseon, Fusion Madangguk; Birthday party of Governor, Parade; It’s honored going of My Loard

Contest – Guard Warrior, ‘Bangoe Hwasa’, The strongest farmhand

Activities – Making identity tag of identity tag institution, Making mapae of craftsmanship, Experience with Korean traditional costume of stylist, Making scent pouch, Stamp tour with Joseon travel log,

Face painting of painter, Experience with Korean traditional drinking & entertainment culture in Joseon Dynasty.

(Fee apply for some activities programs)


[Period] – 09.04.2016 ~12.06.2016

[Price] – Adult 15000won Child10000won

[Opening hours in season Feb-Apr] – Weekdays 09:30~18:00 Weekends 09:30~18:30

[Transportation ]

Bus – Take number 5001-1 or 1560 bus from Shinnonhyeon train station & Gangnam train station

Shuttle bus – Available at Suwon train station & Sanggal train station to KFV, free of charge.

* For more information about transportation & time tables click here