Anseong Farmland Rye Field and Meadow Festival



Anseong Farmland Rye Field and Meadow Festival


The Rye Field and Meadow Festival is held at Anseong Farmland from April 13 to June 6. A wide range of programs are available including sheep shearing, playing with livestock animals, a dog show, and running with sheep, as well as many performances. The farm’s rye field is open to the public during the festival period, and visitors can also participate in the Farmland Stamp Tour program, which offers a souvenir gift to visitors who collect all eight stamps in the farm.

Entry – Adults KRW 10000 / Children KRW 8000

Farm 2 Ticket (Entry + Tractor Ride) – Adults KRW 13,000 / Children KRW 10,000

Land 3 Ticket (Entry + Tractor Ride + Horseback riding) - Adults KRW 21,000 / Children KRW 18,000

Period – April 13 to June 6, 2016

Inquiries – +82-31-8053-7979

Address – 28, Daesindu-gil, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website - http://www.nhasfarmland.com