Suwon Theater Festival 2016


Suwon Theater Festival 2016


Suwon city will hold ‘Suwon Theater Festival 2016’ from 5th May to 8th. Various programs including six performances done by foreign participants, 18 plays by prominent Korean theater companies and local communities will be presented around Square of Hwaseong Palace that was nominated by UNESCO as one of World Culture Heritage in 1997. Visitors can enjoy all these scheduled programs which will give people an amazing time and experience joyful moment in the festival.


Period – 05 May ~08 May 2016

Inquires – 031 – 290-3572

Place – Suwon Hwaseong and other Suwon city areas (Suwon SK Atrium, KBS Suwon Art Hall etc.)

Website - http://www.swcf.or.kr