Paldal Green Market


"Paldal Green Market" to recycle resources



Paldal Green Market is the perfect place to learn about the recycling of resources through a direct experience of exchanging and selling things that are no longer needed. It will be held on June 18 at the plaza in front of Paldal-gu Office. Major attractions of the event include: green markets run by Saemaeul women’s society of each village, green free markets for the recycling of resources, exciting madang (stage) performances of Green Market, and operation of green markets selling donated goods.

Date: June 18 (Sat.), 2016, 12:00-16:00

Venue: Plaza in front of Paldal-gu Office

Eligibility: Elementary, middle, and high school students

Deadline: Until June 13

Event description: Exchanges and sales of recyclable products

- Products for Sale: Recyclable Products (books, clothes, school supplies, and other daily miscellaneous items)

Inquiries: 031-228-7340