Top tourist attractions recommended by the GTO this Chuseok Holiday!


- Wishing everyone a Happy Chuseok and a joyful trip! -

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Why not enjoy a happy family outing amid the vivid colors of autumn during the upcoming Chuseok holiday. Our recommended destinations are open during the holiday and conveniently located near the ICs of busy expressways and national roads, so you can visit them easily on the way back from your hometown. Chuseok will be so much more fun if you spend it together with Gyeonggi-do this autumn!


1. The Korean Folk Village and its many traditional games

Left: Two women on Korean traditional clothes, Hanbok are making Songpyeon, Korean traditional half moon rice cakes in the Korean Folk village. /  Right: 4 people are showing a performance of Pungmul nori, Korean traditional farmer's music with Sogo, Korean traditional small drum at the Korean Folk Village outdoor stage.


The Korean Folk Village is holding a special “How good Hangawi (Chuseok) is!” event for five days from September 22 to 26. The event will consist of various experience programs of traditional customs and folk games as well as fun programs designed for all the family.

Visitors can experience making half-moon rice cakes (Songpyeon) and pounding with a rice-cake mallet in the house of Nolbu, enjoy the merry atmosphere of a banqueting house in the photo zone reenacting traditional birthday meal, or receive a gift of traditional rice cakes by giving the right answers in a special Chuseok quiz.

The Village is also holding seasonal-custom events and folk games in the spirit of Chuseok. The ritual for house guardian god for the peace of the family and a good harvest is a representative custom of Chuseok. When the cheerful rhythm of the farmers’ band ends, the participants partake of the rice cakes and drinks given up as an offering. Visitors can also experience holiday folk games such as Yunnori (traditional Korean board game), Tuhonori (Arrow-throwing), Geune-ttwigi (Korean traditional swinging), and Julleomgi (Korean traditional jumping rope). In addition, visitors who wear Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes) will receive a maximum discount of 44% on the Free Pass.

Address: 90, Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do


Tel.: +82-31-288-0000 


2. Anseong Machum Land offers traditional performances and relaxation


Left: A tightrope walker is walking on a piece of rope holding a traditional fan on his right hand from the audience. / Right: people are showing Pungmul nori, Korean traditional famer's music with janggu, double-headed drum with a narrow waist in the middle in a performance hall.


Anseong Machum Land is a public park in Anseong where visitors can experience traditional performances, culture, and the arts. Designed as a rest and relaxation space for citizens, it is packed with enjoyable things to see and do, including Anseong Namsadang (Vagabond troupe of Joseon) Performance Hall, where the Anseong Baudeogi Pungmul Band give regular performances are held; the Anseong Machum Astronomy Science Museum, which is a popular astronomical observatory in the center of the downtown Lawn Plaza where people can see and feel the changes of the seasons; a Fountain Plaza; Wild Flower Complex; and a Waterside Park.

Of these attractions, the six scenes of the Namsadang Nori (play) are performed cheerfully, including the Mudong Nori and the Beona Nori, which are centered on the life of Baudeogi, the first and only woman leader of a Namsadang Band during the Joseon Dynasty. In particular, a young tightrope walker who walks, runs, and jumps into the sky from his rope while chatting with the other performers is very impressive. It is interesting to see the actors communicate with the audience in modern humor while maintaining an old tradition. After the performance, the Pungmul band and the audience will join the wrap-up party, and you can shoot some souvenir photos, too. A trip to Anseong Machum Land will satisfy all five senses of not only children but their parents and grandparents too.

* Anseong Machum Land   

Address: 198-2, Namsadang-ro, Bogae-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-678-2518 


*Anseong Namsadang Performance Hall

Tel.: +82-31-678-2518


Regular performances: Saturday 16:00, Sunday 14:00

Admission: Adults KRW10,000 / Adolescents KRW 5,000 / Children KRW 2,000 (50% discount for babies under 5 years of age and the elderly over 65 years of age)

 *2018 Anseong Namsadang Baudeogi Festival: Oct. 3 ~ Oct. 7, 2018

3. The Moon Observatory in the Sihwa Narae Tidal Power Park

Left: People are looking around the Moon Observatory in the Sihwa Narae Tidal Power Park. Its outer wall is glass window and on the indoor wall lies a painting of a desert and snowy mountain drawn together. / Right:  Children are walking the transparent glass floor, a kind of skywalk, looking the bottom.  A child's face at the head is full of thrill and surpirse.


A new moon has risen over Sihwaho Lake! It is the Moon Observatory in the Sihwa Narae Tidal Power Park, which has been built between the Sihwa Embankment connecting Ansan and Daebudo Island and the T-Light Service Area. The circular observatory perched on the 75m-high tower looks like the Moon. Not only visitors to Daebudo Island but many other people visit the Moon Observatory, which has quickly become a new tourist attraction at Sihwaho Lake.

If you take the elevator on the first floor to reach the Observatory you can enjoy a wonderful, unobstructed view of the West Sea and a panoramic view of the world’s largest tidal power plant of Sihwaho Lake. You can also see the T-Light Park and Service Area and the remote Daebudo Island while walking around the 360° round-shape deck, or watch seagulls flying over the sea through the glass floor, which makes children shriek with delight.

A facade of the Moon Observatory with the big 'K water' letter sculpture. 'K water' means Korea Water Resources Corporation.


The exhibition hall next to the observatory introduces the history of Sihwaho Lake and the principles of tidal power generation and clean energy. In particular, the Children’s Energy Playroom allows children to experience the principles of energy generation in a fun way, while the 360 Circle Theater shows the story of a turtle and a gray mullet looking for the “Elf of the Moon.”

Address: 1927, Daebuhwanggeum-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-32-889-3365

Website: (Korean only)

Admission: Free

Opening hours: Moon Observatory - 10:00~22:00 / Exhibition Hall - 09:30~17:00

Closed: Moon Observatory – Open all year round / Exhibition Hall – Closed on Monday


4. ‘Starlight Garden OOOZOOO' in Icheon recreates the galaxy

A couple is posing for a photo holding their hands, sitting on a big sculpture of a crescent moon and looking straight.


The splendid starlight of the ‘Starlight Garden OOOZOOO’ embroidering the nighttime sky is creating a sensation. OOOZOOO (the universe), which is connected with the Deokpyeong Natural Rest Area, has become famous through SNS as many people have visited the place by accident while using the rest area on the expressway, having been attracted by the charm of the garden. Now many more people come to the rest area to enjoy a date under the starlight and take some special, unforgettable photos. 

(Picture order: from the top- left corner, clockwise.) First: a couple is walking through the Tunnel Galaxy decorated with the beautiful lamps. / Second:  a picture of artificial light flower garden./ Third: a man sitting on the sculpture of a crescent moon./ Fourth: a front view of a palace made of various colors of lamps, light, and laser.


If you arrive there before sunset, you can enjoy a busking performance or relax and drink a cup of tea. It is also recommended to take a look at the ‘Art Cube’ installed inside the building, whose vivid light symbolizes the dreamlike cosmos. After dark, a world of starlight spreads throughout OOOZOOO. The colorful stage in the Romantic Garden harmonizes with soft music, and the Moon rises over a sculpture of a crescent moon, creating an unusual scene. You can take photos of a lifetime with your smart phone while sitting, lying or just standing in front of the Moon. However, you will have to line up to get into the most popular photo zone.

Furthermore, there are other attractions such as the Flower Garden with starlight, the Tunnel Galaxy with its long line of lamps configured in the shape of a rose which create a beautiful dreamlike moonlight landscape that will make you feel as if you’ve entered a strange galaxy.



Address: 287-76, Deogi-ro 154beon-gil, Majang-myeon, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel.: +82-31-645-0002

Website: (Korean only)

Opening hours: Weekdays 11:00~23:00 / Weekends 10:00~23:00

Admission: Day - Adults KRW 6,000, Children KRW 3,000 / Night – Adults KRW 12.000, Children KRW 6,000