Enjoy a ‘1 Night, 2 Day’ stay at one of the Unique Attractions of Gyeonggi-do Province




Gyeonggi-do’s Four Hottest Attractions in Summer

- Rolling Hills Hotel in Hwaseong, Gwanggyo Lake Park Family Campground in Suwon, Jungmisan Observatory in Yangpyeong, and Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest in Namyangju-

July is of course the hot summer season, so let’s explore the unique, distinctive attractions of Gyeonggi-do for ‘1 Night 2 Days’ in time for the summer holidays and the kids’ vacation! Gyeonggi-do offers lots of interesting “hot” places in summer – relaxation in a comfortable hotel, romance on a campsite in the middle of the city, and so on. Any places you choose make your ‘1 night and 2 days’ special and memorable!

[Urban Hotel Package or Urban Auto Campground]


Rolling Hills Hotel in Hwaseong, ideal for a family holiday package
A front view of the Rolling Hills Hotel building in the late afternoon.

The Rolling Hills Hotel, a resort type of hotel in the capi​tal region, is set amid a beautiful landscape of rolling hills. It’s the ideal hotel for anyone who wants to just relax in the tranquil atmosphere of a natural environment. In particular, it boasts a walkway planted with some fifty species of flowers and trees designed for a leisurely walk with one’s family. It also has a large lawn garden and pond, creating a beautiful space for a rest with nature.

a picture of a cozy hotel room with sunshine. It is  a clean twin room with  simple and stylish lamps, a table, a terrace offering a beautiful view, etc.  

The hotel offers a ‘Sweet Rolling Summer Package’ for customers who want to enjoy a relaxing family holiday this summer. The package includes a cozy and stylish room for one night and a buffet breakfast known for its generous servings. It also allows guests to use the indoor swimming pool and the fitness center, and offers each child a Rolling Bear doll made by the hotel as a gift.

A picture of hotel swimming pool. It features a huge glass window of whole walls that makes people to feel like swimming in the nature.

Above all, guests can fully appreciate views of the green landscape, including mountains and garden, not only from their room but also from the restaurant and swimming pool. Guests can also take advantage of an optional program comprising various choices, including the ‘Action Pack’, which includes a pottery and herb experience, and the ‘Party Pack’, which includes a decoration and dining service for a special party, at a discounted price.


-Address: 290, Sicheong-ro, Namyang-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
-Inquiries: +82-31-268-1000
-Home page:
-Operating Period: Summer Package – July 21 ~ August 31 (Please inquire for the other packages.)
-Room Rates: Please inquire for details.






Gwanggyo Lake Park Family Campground in Suwon welcomes camping beginners

It's a campground. There are caravans, tents, and picnic tables.  A family is dining at the caravan.

Family camping in nature might be every father’s dream. If the father, who usually stays in and spends time on the sofa during holidays, sets up a tent and cooks some food, his family will surely be impressed. However, when it comes to camping, we usually get stressed about so many things to prepare such as a tent and camping equipment, and longtime driving, so we give up in the end. But the Gwanggyo Lake Park Family Campground is different. 

Two men are dining at the table in front of their tent.

It’s a family-oriented campsite in the middle of the city, and there are Caravans and the picnic tables at each campsite in Auto Campground- so you can just come casually and enjoy a barbecue party. It offers a rental discount to Suwon citizens and families with many children as well.  

A close shot of a family dining in front of their caravan. They're leisurely enjoying their time  till night.  

The campground is filled with cozy-looking scenes of people enjoying food and chatting to each other, and admiring the romantic nighttime view under the starry sky. The Gwanggyo Lake Park Family Campground is the perfect campground for family campers and camping beginners.  



-Address: 57, Gwanggyohosu-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-31-548-0075

-Home page:

-Opening Hours: 14:00~ 11:00 next day

-Fee: Auto Campground - KRW 25,000, Caravan - KRW 120,000 (30% discount for Suwon citizens, 50% discount for families with many children, etc.)



[Astronomical Observatory with stars shining in the night sky or Recreational Forest filled with green refreshing scent]

Jungmisan Observatory in Yangpyeong” offers a special ‘1 night 2 days’ astronomical observation pakage

 A education program guide of the Jungmisan Observatory is giving demonstrations of using telescope.

The Jungmisan Observatory is an education and experience center that specializes in providing education on astronomy and space science to small groups of people. Its experience-oriented programs are designed to stimulate children’s unlimited curiosity. The ‘1 Night, 2 Day Starlight Family Camp’ is a representative family camp that allows participants to enjoy a family trip while learning about the constellations.

Upon arriving at the Jungmisan Observatory in the evening for the Starlight Family Camp, participants receive a brief explanation, have dinner, and then attend a visual education class about astronomy at the education center, in which they acquire basic knowledge about space through images and a simulation program.

Participants are listening the guide's education looking the sky in the night.

Children in particular are impressed by planets a thousand times bigger than the sun. After the visual education course, the participants are able to observe the stars and planets, including the Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter, through an astronomical telescope while listening to explanations about the constellations in the summer season. The clear image of the Moon with its large craters fascinates people of all ages.

A picture of the clean attic room with small round and sqaure windows.

The clean and pleasant accommodation is decorated with photos of stars and space, and the Attic Room with its round window is very popular among guests. The Jungmisan Observatory offers a special 1 night, 2 day stay amid a fantastic atmosphere. 




-Address: 1268, Jungmisan-ro, Okcheon-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-1522-1835

-Home page:

-Opening Hours: 17:30 ~ 11:00 next day

-Fee: KRW 80,000 per person (based on weekends for more than 3 people)


‘Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest in Namyangju’ is the ideal destination for a 1 night, 2 day program for relaxing mind and body

 As Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest is located in the middle of Chungnyeongsan Mountain, pensions are set along the uphill road to the mountain with a greenish mountain and clear sky in the backgound.

Located in Sudong-myeon, Namyangju City, Chungnyeongsan Mountain was named after a rite in which Yi Seong-gye, King Taejo of Joseon dynasty offered a sacrifice to the spirits on the summit of the mountain, which is part of the Baekdudaegan Mountain Range (Hanbukjeongmaek Mountain Range). As the Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest, located in the middle of Chungnyeongsan Mountain, is relatively close to the downtown, many people visit this dense forest. The Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest is well-known for its magnificent landscape surrounded by high mountains. It is a great place for hiking along a mountain trail or taking a leisurely stroll along the walkway through the forest to purify the body and the mind. 


A picture of interior of "The Forest Cabin" recently underwent renovation. It's two story building and now offers a clean and comfortable accommodation service. Most of all, it features a balcony with table that faces the beautiful mountain.

If you want to fully enjoy the forest, it’s worth staying the night. The Chungnyeongsan Recreational Forest also has diverse accommodation facilities including “Forest Cabin” and the Forest Culture Recreation Center. In particular, “The Forest Cabin” recently underwent renovation, and now offers a clean and comfortable accommodation service. It is also equipped with the latest kitchen equipment including a large refrigerator, and has a balcony and an attic that’s loved by children. The Forest Culture Recreation Center, located higher up than the other accommodation facilities, has a large room for group guests.




-Address: 299, Chungnyeongsan-ro, Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

-Inquiries: +82-31-592-0681

-Home page:

-Admission: Entrance Fee - KRW 1,000, The Forest Cabin - KRW 120,000 (based on a room for 8 persons in the peak season and at weekends)