City of Porcelain, Icheon


Icheon City, which is within an hour’s drive from Seoul, is well-known for its porcelain festival that is held every year in Seolbong Park every summer. It is also famous for Ceramics Village and delicious Icheon Rice.

Historically, Icheon has abundant clear water and porcelain clay, which is an ingredient of ceramics; thus, it used to be a kiln site during the Bronze Age and a kiln site of white porcelain during the Joseon Dynasty.

After the discovery of some 300 kiln sites, Icheon was designated as UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art in 2010.


At the pottery classroom of the Korean Ceramics Center, which is located at the entrance of Sagimakgol Ceramics Village, visitors can experience making pottery and spinning the wheel. As an advantage of this classroom, it does not require prior reservation, so visitors just walk in and enjoy the experiences.

The experiences consist of three types: using a spinning wheel; drawing a painting on the glazed ceramic; and drawing a painting on a mug with color pencil and baking the mug cup.

The artwork completed after the first and second experiences will be delivered to your home 3 weeks later via parcel service.

Sagimakgol does not simply sell ceramics; it also has artists’ workshops that produce and sell artworks.


Each workshop has distinctive characteristics that are uniquely designed.

There is the workshop of Icheon ceramic master Gwon Yeong-bae (pen-name: Baeksan) who makes Korean traditional pottery with soft porcelain shape and strong brush strokes, not to mention the workshops of young artists who make modern porcelain.


Icheon is also famous for its best-quality rice, which used to be offered to kings in ancient Korea. There are several Korean food restaurants that serve various Korean set menus, which usually include freshly cooked stone pot rice, hot sizzling soybean paste stew, grilled fish and meat, soy sauce-marinated crabs, and vegetables in season. You can also order additional special side dishes by paying more, such as grilled short rib patties and grilled dried pollack, which taste so good that you feel as if you are eating them at a restaurant specializing in those foods. The restaurants serve up to 20 different kinds of side dishes.



Icheon Ssalbap Narannim Suratsang – 3052, Gyeongchung-daero, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do


Sagimakgol Ceramics Village: Saeum-dong, Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do