Unique Halloween festivals


Recently, with the foreign cultural event “Halloween” becoming popular in Korea, unique Halloween festivals that feature Korean sensibility with added elements are being held.

Everland is offering family-oriented contents for all family members both young and old to enjoy Halloween.


In particular, it provides peculiar horrortainment contents created by combining horror, music, and fun. The event will be held for two days on October 22 and October 29. The Extreme Horror Night Party is held from 6pm to 10 pm at Everland Horror Village.

T-Express changes to a special train called “Horror T-Express” and runs at the highest speed of 104km/h in the dark night sky. A limited number of party participants can board the train for unlimited times and have a thrilling experience


At the Horror Safari where wild animals used to walk around during daytime, zombies chase after visitors. At the Horror Maze, visitors can have a horror experience that stimulates the five senses while exploring the dark maze full of zombies.

In particular, visitors who are hesitant about the actual horror maze experience can settle for the virtual version via the Gear VR and 4D chair at the VR adventure experience hall located immediately next to the Horror Maze.

At the Madam Zombie Costume Salon, visitors can become zombies themselves by wearing professional makeup.

At the Horror Village, some 100 zombies appear and present a surprise performance, turning the street into a zombie village and offering a horror photo time with visitors as well.



Another unique festival is the historical drama theme festival held in the Korean Folk Village, the only one of its kind in Korea.

Like Jang Huibin who was a famous figure during the Joseon Dynasty, visitors can have a fake experience of drinking poison. Like Hwang Jini, who was a famous female entertainer during the Joseon Dynasty, visitors can act like the main character of the popular historical TV drama.

The festival offers various programs, such as: drinking fake poison like Jang Huibin; Six Flying Dragons’ fencing experience; and painter experience as depicted in the popular TV drama Painter of the Wind.

Every weekend, a comic historical play that is a parody of the movie The Thieves with the Joseon dynasty as background is performed.

Visitors who come to the festival in Korean costume can purchase a free pass at 50% discount.