December Column 1 – Hanam, city of shopping and relaxation


Hanam,city of shopping and relaxation

Hanam City in Gyeonggi-do Province, which is situated on the east side of Seoul, has become a “rising star” city with the opening of a shopping complex in September. Let’s visit Hanam, where visitors can enjoy shopping with their friends or family or spend quiet time relaxing.


Shopping Mall for All – Starfield

Shopping malls were once considered to be women’s exclusive playground. However, the Starfield Hanam is a shopping mall for all family members to enjoy — not only a space for women, but for men and children as well.

Starfield Hanam was opened in Hanam, Gyeonggi-do in September 2016. As a single building, it is the largest shopping mall in Korea. Starfield Hanam claims to be Korea’s first shopping theme park which offers shopping, culture and leisure.

First of all, let’s tour shops women would like.


Starfield Hanam has many shops particularly related to interior decoration. Basement 1 has shops selling Korean furniture, a lifestyle brand Hanssem Interior, and Japan’s interior decoration brand MUJI, and the 3rd floor has the lifestyle edition shop called Maison Ticia. Maison Ticia, which occupies an area of 1000 pyeong (3300m2), sells artificial flowers, diffusers, scented candles, and decorations, as well as cushions and furniture. In particular, small Christmas decorative items draw shoppers’ attention. In addition, interior shops such as Martine Sitbon and Zara Home are located on each floor.

In addition, there are shops related to baking, which also draw female shoppers. The bread garden on the second floor is a place where visitors can not only learn baking but can also buy food ingredients and other items needed for baking. The material cost is cheaper here than at other cooking classes, but a fee is required to use the classroom.

Next is a space for men.


At Starfield Hanam, visitors can see automobiles. On the second floor there is a BMW shop occupying the space of 200 pyeong. At BMW Mini City Lounge, which the first of its kind in Asia and 4th in the world, six BMW vehicles are on display. Other BMW lifestyle products such as hats, bags, miniatures and accessories are also on display.

Next to the BMW store, there is a Harley-Davidson store which sells motorcycles, clothing and accessories under the concept of lifestyle boutique. It is about the size of 70 pyeong, the largest Harley-Davidson lifestyle store in the world. It is Korea’s first Harley-Davidson store designed by the US headquarters. The shop sells Starfield’s limited products, which are not available elsewhere and account for 40% of the entire products sold in the shop.

On the first floor, there is a motor studio of Hyundai Motor, a Korean automobile brand. Regardless of automobile purchase, visitors can touch and test-drive a car. On the second floor, there is a studio for “Genesis,” Hyundai Motor’s luxury brand.

In addition to automobiles, there is another space that would draw men’s interest.

 “Electro Mart” which is called “men’s playground,” is filled with adult men’s favorite items, such as electronic devices such as Apple and Samsung mobile phones, as well as men’s casual clothing, bicycles, figures, camping products, and overseas liquor. Visitors can drink alcohol at “ELECTRO BAR” and transform their style at the “Barber shop” in a refined mood which can attest to that fact that this is truly a comprehensive space for men.

Next is the space for children.


 “Matthew and Joelle’s Toy Kingdom” on the 3rd floor is a paradise for children. First of all, the entrance is filled with balloons, welcoming children with colorful presentation. All kinds of toys - animal dolls, Spiderman, Hulk figures, board games and Legos - are literally in one place. This place is Korea’s largest shop specializing in Legos and it is also a digital playground. In addition, it is also a playground for children.

Furthermore, the 3rd floor has several shops selling children’s clothing, hats, and miscellaneous items, so the entire 3rd floor is like Kids’ Zone.

Starfield also has a space for visitors in their 20s to 30s who enjoy cultural life.

Aquafield on the 3rd floor has a facility equipped with a high quality jimjilbang (sauna), spa, and indoor water park. Half of the indoor water park is dedicated to kids, so it is a perfect place for families with children. On the opposite side of the kid’s space, there is a lazy river for family-unit users. Inside of the jimjilbang is finished with marble and hardwood, so it looks high quality. It consists of various spaces such as a cypress wood room, salt room, charcoal room, quartz-porphyry room, bamboo room, and a cloud room which emits steam. There is an outdoor foot spa for visitors to enjoy a foot bath while taking in the surrounding scenery. In the relaxation room, visitors can sit on an armchair near the window and take a rest while watching a personal TV attached to each chair.

On the 4th floor, there is an indoor sports facility called Sports Monster. In this facility, visitors can enjoy various popular sports like soccer, baseball, handball, taekwondo and running, via VR (virtual reality) devices, as well as bike racing and indoor rock climbing.


In addition, there are Megabox Cinema and YP Bookstore for visitors to enjoy cultural life as well.

Starfield also has several delicious restaurants. Market Locus on Basement 1 has local restaurants from Hanam, and Gourmet Street on the first floor has famous restaurants from the metropolitan area as well as overseas brand restaurants from Australia and Japan. Eatopia on the 3rd floor is Korea’s largest food court, where Western food menu eateries and Eastern restaurants are lined up on both sides of the court.

Starfield Hanam

Address: 616, Sinjang-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do

Operating Hours: 10:00-22:00

Inquiries: +82-1833-9001


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