Short Getaway from Seoul - Easy Day Trip to Seoul Grand Park


Short Getaway from Seoul

  •  - Easy Day Trip to Seoul Grand Park

There are absolutely plenty to keep tourists busy within Seoul, but it is nice to escape from the big city every now and then to enjoy the spring with beautiful cherry blossom, mountainous surrounding in Gwacheon city where Seoul Grand Park is. Inside Seoul Grand Park, there are many attractions such as Seoul Zoo, Seoul Land (an amusement park), Theme Garden, Museum and even Campsite. Given the size of the Seoul Grand Park, as it is huge to visit every site within one day, this column provides organized one day trip itinerary by visiting two spots that are catering couples and families.

1. Simple recommend One day tour itinerary

Start Seoul ->  visit Seoul Zoo  -> Seoul Land -> Back to Seoul

2. Really easy to get to and from

It is very approachable, only about 45 minutes away from the city center. Train is directly connected with Line no.4 and get off at ‘Seoul Grand Park’ by taking the exit no.2.

제목 없음

You can take an either elephant train which is a symbol of Seoul Grand Park or sky lift to enter in, but recommend walking because the scenery along the way to get to the zoo is now very pretty with lined cherry blossom in spring. (Seoul Zoo is a 1.5 km walking distance)


3. Seoul Zoo

Seoul Zoo is home to about 3700 animals belonging to about 330 species from all over the world. This is Korea’s first zoo stared in 1909 at Changgyeongung( royal palce of Joseon Dynasty), and relocated in 1984 to the current site, Gwacheon, and was renamed as Seoul Zoo. The zoo is 10th largest in the world and offers diverse activities for families and friends such as feeding activities, educational program, African festival, and the largest rose garden festival in Korea.


There are three suggested ways to enjoy the zoo the best, firstly, taking a second skylift up to the topmost of the Zoo and then walk way down towards the exit enjoying the animals alone the way. Secondly, walking throughout the zoo from the entrance by following the map provided and follows recommended courses that are orange, yellow, blue, green line to have one particular tour like Tiger’s Road, Dolphin’s Road, Deer’s Road and Owl’s Road. Lastly, getting on the zoo free shuttle bus for easy viewing of the zoo, it stops at 10 different spots and animals can be seen nearby each spots.


As Seoul Zoo is enclosed in a beautiful mountain area, this lovely sightseeing is worth watch. This is a family friendly place ,children especially will love Seoul Zoo as there are a lot of petting areas and shows everyday.


Food outlets, toilets, nursing rooms are available all over for inexpensive. You can carry picnic mat and buy food from Korean food restaurant, convenience store, burger shop or street food.

Operating Hours

Summer Season (Mar-Oct) 09:00~19:00   Winter Season (Nov-Feb) 09:00~18:00


Adult 5000won  Youth (13 to 18 years) 3000won  Children (6 to 12 years) 2000won

Sky Lift

Adult – One way 5,500won Return 10,000won Day pass 13,000won    Youth – One way 4,000won Return 6,500won Day pass 9,000won

Children – One way 3,500won Return 5,500won Day pass 8,000won

Elephant-shaped Train

Adult – 1000won Youth – 800won  Children – 700won

4.Seoul Land

The Seoul Land is the first Korean amusement theme park in Korea built to celebrate the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. As it is a part of Seoul Grand Park complex, it also has a beautiful scenery surrounded by Mt. Cheonggyesan.


The Seoul Land is smaller than Everland but closer to Seoul and it is inexpensive. The reason it has reasonable price and a super deal for all day & all rides ticket price is because it is managed with Seoul City even it is located in Gawcheon city. Initial purpose of building Seoul Land was for providing citizens’ happiness and a healing place that gives hope and active energy to the citizens.

탈것 (2)-horz

Seoul Land is broken up into 5 different sections, World Plaza, Adventure Land, Fantasy Land, Tomorrow Land and Samcheon Land. Each section has its own unique characteristics and attractions.



Seoul Land holds a variety of seasonal festivals every year and boasts its unique Laser Show in the evening. At this moment, Tulip Festival is now on showing which is one of the most popular festivals in Seoul Land and only available between April and May.

퍼레이드 (7)-horz

Keep the children happy all day at this family amusement park with Character festival. You will be enjoy Character’s cute tricks performed at the parade and road show, please check the time table provided at the entrance in order to get more chance to take some photo with characters.



Give a try to eat Korean food at a traditional Korean house, and there are a lot of snacks available thought Seoul Land. If you are picnic lover, you can also bring your own lunch box to enjoy it!

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