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Upper left: a drawing of a hand that is trying to grab the microphone. / Lower left: a street with the colorful buildings in Dongducheon./Right: "Great Dongducheon, Walking Graffiti Way, Enjoy the western-style mixed with Korean culture" is written.

is the art of painting images or lettering with spraypaint on a wall. It leaves messages on the wall, and it expresses something about humans, culture or a generation. Messages are left, but there is no significant meaning. The created artworks become part of the public space and citizens find their own meaning in it. Just like we love music even when we do not know the meaning of it, the street near Bosan Station of Dongducheon is becoming like that.

Workshop street - Design art village, where artworks of many artists are on display

Left: a ring with a kind of cow -shaped leather. / Middle:  a flowerpot- shaped metal craft / Right: a ceramic plate with a drwaing of a girl looking at a bunch of flowers on it.

Vacant stores are restoring their warmth thanks to artists. Several workshops which used to be downtown were moved here and they operate a café that is suitable for the mood of the village. There are a wide variety of workshops in the village. Ceramics, leather, metal crafts, crochet …. In particular, natural crafts workshops are noticeable, carrying items such as mulberry paper crafts, natural dye, leather crafts, and porcelain crafts.

Duduri  – Silver-inlaid craft

Dudeuri Workshop at the entrance of the alley is doing silver-inlaid craft work. Silver-inlaid craft is a technique of making patterns with silver on metal dishes made of bronze, steel or copper. This technique was popularly used for making incense burners and vases during the Goryeo Dynasty and for making goods for daily life, such as stationery, candlesticks, and cigarette cases for the nobility during the Joseon Dynasty. Here in Dondducheon, visitors can meet artisans of this craftsmanship.

Left:  a craftswoman making silver-inlaid craft work. / Middle: there are diverse silver-inlaid craft works are exhibited in the workshop. / Right: a silver-inlaid bracelet

– Mulberry paper crafts workshop, mulberry paper leather shoes

This workshop creates artwork with thin mulberry paper of various colors. In particular, mulberry paper shoes have both splendor and elegance, like traditional Korean shoes ‘flower shoes’ worn by the nobility in olden times. It is amazing to know that mulberry paper is like fiber, so it can be used for a long time.

Left: a kind of a card wallet made of mulberry paper leather. / Middle: a kind of owl-shaped mulberry paper leather craft. / Right: a kind of big pouch made of mulberry paper leather.

Dodam Dodam
- Korean Traditional play (Dano Jangmyeongnu making)

‘Dodam Dodam’ is a pure Korean word expressing the healthy growth of a baby. At this place, visitors can enjoy various traditional plays such as ssangnyuk (double-dice game), which is known as Admiral Yi Sun-sin’s favorite game, gonu (Korean board game), and body game.

Left:a Korean traditional marvel game named 'Yugaekjju'. / Middle: a bunch of marvels. Playing marvels is one of the old games in Korea./ Right:  a various colors of a Korean taditiaonal lucky bags

Do Dream Music Center
The birthplace of Korean rock

A front view of Do Dream Music Center building with colorful lights.

Mr. Shin Jung-hyeon
, the godfather of Korean Rock, used to be active in Dongducheon. Korea’s representative singers such as Hyun Mi, Na-mi and Cho Yong-pil were also active in Dongducheon. To perform at US Army clubs, singers had to pass an audition which was as fierce as today’s TV audition programs. The existing Bosan-dong Tourist Club was remodeled, so it is equipped with an indoor performance arena, music practice room, and promotion hall for young musicians to create and perform music. Outside the club, there is an outdoor stage and street murals (graffiti art) to revitalize the old, dilapidated street.

Left: a singer team is doing performance on the stage in front of audience. / Middle: A front view of the Dongducheon rock festival stage./ Right: a rock band enjoying with audience.

While walking along Dongducheon-gil, visitors can see traces of legendary figures in Korean music in clubs and on the walls. They will feel proud as if watching PSY’s Gangnam Style in a foreign country.


This place has a more exotic mood than that in Itaewon, and food contributes to that. Visitors can enjoy various foreign food.

Sweet Robin - Dessert Food

This place has a workshop, so visitors can personally make porcelain, paint it by hand, and have food on it. Food is also decorated like artwork. It was introduced in a famous food program. It serves very delicious dessert.

Left: A front view of Sweet Robin with a purple wall./ Middle: Diverse fruit tarts. / Right: a chestnut - shaped breads

IM Istanbul
- Turkish food

In Dongducheon, which is a foothold of culture, visitors can enjoy Turkish food. They can enjoy food on outdoor tables. A generous amount of food is served, making plates look smaller.

Left: A front view of IM Istanbul./ Middle: Two glass of Turkish tea. / Right: various kinds of Grilled Skewers.

Hot Pizza & Burger

Among several graffiti works, this graffiti of a black lady wearing a Korean traditional costume is getting the most attention from visitors. After being led into the store by the elegant image, ironically visitors can enjoy pizza and hamburgers.

Left: a piece of the delicious cheese pizza/ Right: A big signboard of HOT PIZZA with a painting of a woman on a Korean traditional clothes staring straight. It feels like a movie poster.

Freedom Protection Peace Museum

At this place, visitors will be able to realize why the US Army is stationed in Dongducheon. Simply due to different ideology, the Korean peninsula is divided into North and South and both sides share the history of a painful war. This museum presents the history of the soldiers and UN forces who sacrificed their lives during the Korean War. Visitors should pay attention to the foreign countries which participated in the Korean War. 21 countries took part in the Korean War as part of the UN forces and 38 countries provided resources and finances. The museum exhibits several artifacts, such as the combat uniforms of the participating countries and other momentos, as well as many other goods with stories. The last exhibition hall presents exhibits under the theme of exchanges among combatant countries. Visitors can see efforts made to remember the history of the war to keep peace and will be able to realize the necessity of the museum that exhibits the record of the war.


While walking along the long vacant street, visitors can imagine people who used to walk along the street. It used to be a street for US soldiers to enjoy leisure time, but it is now going through change to greet the general public. Visitors will be able to enjoy the culture of this place