Hot spring trip with the glow setting sun


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Upper left: A drawing of Daebudo Island at low tide/ Lower left: a main sculpture of Gubongdo Sunset Observation Deck./ Right:

The cold energy of winter, which used to embrace me in my childhood, no long excites me like it used to do even when I simply look at the white snow outside the window. Actually, I started liking winter, and this is probably due to a friend who liked the warm feel in the midst of the cold weather. Around this time of the year, I like visiting the West Sea where I used to walk along the beach with my friend to see the sea and sunset glow. This year, I took up a slightly different course. Let’s enjoy the winter sea, the glow of the setting sun, and warm seafood and hot spring and hot winter in the cold.

(Daebudo Island) Tandohang Port – Nueseom Island – Hoe (sliced raw fish) Center (Clam soup, Clam noodle soup) – Wolmun Hot Springs

Tandohang Port - Nueseom Island

Nueseom (meaning silkworm island) is named as such because it resembles a silkworm from a distance. Several islands are visible between the wetland embracing the nature of Gyeonggiman Ecomuseum. Actually, Nueseom is a small island surrounded by several islands such as Daebudo, Seongamdo, Tando, and Buldo. A distant view of an enormously big wind turbine and the island looks very impressive. Visitors can appreciate the beautiful scenic view of the West Sea from the observatory of Nueseom Lighthouse, with the gallery-type exhibition space showcasing beautiful photos.

A beautiful senset of Nueseom.

717-5, Seongam-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do(Tandohang Port ) / 17-156, Daebuhwanggeum-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do(Nueseom Island)

Hoe (sliced raw fish) Center

The inside of the Hoe Center resembles the Noryangjin Fish Market, which has lots of fresh seafood. To warm the body, let’s go up to the second floor, which houses a restaurant that serves clam noodles. The added clams and mussels enrich the spicy flavor. It is the perfect menu to warm the body. Clams can be roasted, steamed, or added to stew. Visitors can have roasted clams on the first floor and braised or stewed clams on the second floor. After touring the port, clam stew will be perfect for warming the cold body.

Left: a bowl of clam noodles. / Right: various clams are roasted on the fire.

Wolmun Hot Springs

The name Wolmun (meaning moon gate) was selected because the appearance of moonlight shining on the gate resembles the moon reflected on the hot spring. Since the olden times, Wolmun Hot Spring has been known to be good for treating skin diseases and arthritis. Visitors can enjoy Korea’s best-quality hot spring, charcoal sauna, jade sauna, medicinal herbal fog sauna, jade tub, cold bath, hot bath, event tub, and dream tub while appreciating beautiful scenery. With the Deunggosan Mountain within the complex surrounding the hot spring, visitors can enjoy hot spring bath, red clay hiking path, and forest recreation all at once.

Left: A front view of Wolmun building. / Middle: a spacious indoor view of Wolmun. / Right:  an open-air bath

Address: 5, Beodeul-ro 292beon-gil, Ujeong-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here

(Jebudo Island) Gungpyeonghang Port – Gukhwado Island – Nondureong Batdureong - Yuram Hot Springs

Gungpyeonghang Port-Gukhwado Island

Gungpyeonghang is a fishing village at the south end of Jebudao Island. It has abundant marine products and provides various fishing village experiences. It is a popular vacation site where visitors can enjoy water play at the beach and camping out. The name “Gungpyeong” (meaning royal palace land) was chosen because the royal palace in ancient times occupied a big portion of this area due to its good natural environment such as the coast and wetland.

A gorgeous yellow and red sunset of Gungpyeonghang.

When everything turns red, the Haesong pine trees, sandy beach, and sea come together to create an oriental painting masterpiece. Gungpyeonghang Port has a 193 m-long wood deck fishing pier where visitors can enjoy fishing. During the most precious time of the day! All of a sudden, the fast-changing sky color changes the fishing pier to red. The open horizon of the West Sea is the best spot for viewing the sunset. There is an observatory café where visitors can enjoy the beautiful glow of the setting sun.

Left: A view of Gukhwado from the sky. / Upper right: another view of Gukhwado from the sky as if the greenish forest covered it. / Lower right: a open view of Gukhwado from the forest.

(meaning chrysanthemum island) is so small that one can see the whole island in a few hours, and it was named as such because clams harvested here resemble chrysanthemum. The island is well-known as a place where one can watch both sunrise and sunset. In most cases, one sea route opens; in the case of Gukhwado, however, two sea routes connecting Maebak and Dojiseom islands open, so visitors can enjoy an amazing scenic view of three islands becoming one. These three islands are not frequented by many people, and Maebakseom and Dojiseom are uninhabited islands, so visitors can take a leisurely tour. If you plan to visit the islands, please remember that the sea routes open only twice a day.

Address: 1049-24, Gungpyeonghang-ro, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do(Gungpyeonghang Port) / Gukhwa-gil, Ujeong-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do (Gukhwado)

Nondureong Batdureong

This restaurant serves neat, light porridge that is not too stimulating. Visitors can enjoy Korean traditional food cooked with seafood ingredients such as soy-marinated crab, grilled dried pollack, deluxe rice with oysters, and seafood and green onion pancake. You can make nutty-flavored rice water by pouring water into the hot pot rice. Order green onion pancake and dongdongju (rice wine) together to enjoy the perfect combination.

Left: a soybean paste stew in a hot pot / Middle: a bowl of clam noodle soup/ Right: a plate of seafood and green onion pancake

Yuram Hot Springs

Due to the geographical characteristics of the red clay and granite layers and wide hot spring water vein that can store a large amount of hot water, Yuram Hot Springs is natural spring water that spurts out from a 700m-deep bedrock. Since the olden times, the hot springs has been well-known to treat eye diseases, skin diseases, and arthritis. Hot springs consists of open-air tub and hot spring tub. In particular, Yuram Hot Springs offers both hot spring and hot charcoal kiln sauna. At the hot charcoal kiln sauna, visitors can bake sweet potato at the baking place.

Left: an open-air bath Yuram Hot Springs surrounded by forest. / Middle: an indoor view of Yuram Hot Springs./ Right: people relaxing in the red clay sauna.

Address: 434-14, Oncheon-ro, Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Website: Click here