‘First Love’ Travel in Search of the Most memorable Scenes


‘First Love’ Travel Destinations in Gyeonggi-do


Just the thought of first love makes heart flutter. Memorable places of that times are etched into your memory forever. Gyeonggi-do invites all those who still preserve their distant, delicate memories and who miss “how they were in those days” to bring back such a pure feeling and memory at that times.




 1.She Was Pretty - Heyri Art Valley in Paju

 It may be a clichéd plot, but what if you met your childhood first love after becoming an adult? The TV series She Was Pretty is a romantic comedy about Hye-jin, a very pretty girl whose appearance changes during adolescence, and Seong-jun, an archetypal ugly duckling who changes from an unattractive adolescent into a ‘golden boy’. Thanks to its charming characters, this witty series was very successful. As the background to the series is a magazine publishing company, there are many charming scenes filmed in various s in Paju.

 A few stylish buildings with terrace of Heyri Art Valley. It consists restaurante, handicraft workshops, etc.  

One of the most attractive places is Heyri Art Valley, where Hye-jin goes to read the book she received as a present at Galdae (reed) Plaza, which is ideal for family outings and picnics. The guesthouse ‘The Forest of Thought, MOTiF #1’ appeared as the marital home of Hye-jin and Seong-jun, and their workroom, as well as the study room filled with 10,000 books, is very impressive. Other shooting s include various stylish cafes such as White Block, COMF-CAFE, and GREEN SENSE in the village. 

 A front view of the central fountain of Byeokchojimunhwa Arboretum. It's 2-stroy fountain and decorated with baby angels. 

Furthermore, Byeokchojimunhwa Arboretum, an eco-friendly arboretum packed with green plants and ponds, features in the scene in which Sin-hyeok takes Hye-jin to comfort her after she has been misunderstood and fired. Not only She Was Pretty, but many other TV dramas such as Yong Pal, starring Ju-Won and Kim Tae-hee, and Doctors, starring Kim Rae-won and Park Sin-hye, include beautiful scenes that were shot in this arboretum.


* Heyri Art Valley

Address: Heyri Art Village, Heyrimaeul-gil, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-946-8551

L​inks: time: Always


* Byeokchojimunhwa Arboretum

Address: 242, Buheung-ro, Gwangtan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-957-2004

Opening time: Daily 09:00~18:00(Mar.-Oct.), 10:00~22:00(Nov.-Feb.)

Admission: Adults - KRW 9,000, Youth - KRW 7,000, Children/Seniors- KRW 6,000




2. Guardian: The Great and Lonely God – ‘Seoknamsa Temple’ &‘Mirinae Holy Site’ in Anseong


“Every moment I spent with you shone brightly.”

“Because the weather was good, because the weather was bad; and because the weather was good enough, I loved every moment of it."


The TV series Guardian: The Great and Lonely God is a successful drama that includes countless great scenes and famous lines. The series concerns the tragic and beautiful destiny of the four characters: an immortal goblin, the goblin’s human bride, who can end the curse of the goblin, the grim reaper, who suffers from amnesia, and a mysterious woman named Sunny who loves the grim reaper. The series was enormously successful thanks to its high-quality storyline, stunning performances, and fantastic and beautiful images, creating a boom known as ‘goblin syndrome’ in the country. In addition, the amazing filming s remained the talk of the country even after the end of the series.



A front view of the stone stairs to the main temple of  Seoknamsa Temple. It's surrounded by greenish nature and hamonized with them very well. Two people are walking on the stairs.  

Two s in Anseong appeared in the series. Seoknamsa Temple was the background to the impressive scene in which the goblin flies a sky lantern. Founded in 680 (the 20th year of the reign of King Munmu of Silla), this temple is located at the northeast foot of Seounsan Mountain in Anseong, and is well known for its beautiful stone stairway to Daeungjeon Hall.


A whole interior view from the entrance of the Mirinae Holy Site. It looks more secred and calm because of a tall ceiling and brick columns .

The other famous scene depicting the goblin’s bride recalling the goblin, was filmed in ‘the Cathedral' to commemorate the canonization of the 103 saints at the Mirinae Holy Site. This Holy Site is the place where Korean Catholics lived in secret to avoid persecution during the late Joseon Dynasty, and it holds the graves of Saint Andrew Kim Daegeon, Korea’s first Catholic Saint, and Saint John Yi Yun-il. As the cathedral is huge and magnificent and has a serene atmosphere, it is a popular destination among pilgrims as well as tourists.


 * Seoknamsa Temple

Address: 3-120, Sangchonsaemal-gil, Geumgwang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-676-1444

Opening time: Daily 09:00~18:00

Admission: Free


* Mirinae Holy Site

Address: 420, Mirinaeseongji-ro, Yangseong-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-674-1256

Opening time: Daily 09:00~18:00

Admission: Free




3. Architecture 101 – ‘Kudun Station in Yangpyeong’ 

The movie Architecture 101, which created a boom known as ‘first love syndrome’ in South Korea, tells the story of two university students who fall in love. Kudun Station in Yangpyeong is well known as the site of the romantic scene in which the main characters, Seung-min and Seo-yeon, walk along the rails, outstretching their arms, at this old station originally came for their homework.


A front view of Kudun Station and ther is actual old subway next to the station. And two people are taking photos of it.  

The history of Kudun Station, which is registered Cultural Heritage, dates back to 1940. After the train service was closed down, it was abandoned for a while and then re-opened as a local cultural space. Now, this popular filming consists of nine themed spaces including Café Kkamong, Happy Factory, Waiting Room and Garden of Confession. One of the must-visit destinations in Yangpyeong, it offers interesting hands-on experience programs such as taking a polaroid photo, hanging a wish message on a tree, and flying a sky lantern on the railroad.


 An open view of Sonagi Village with various small shanties. A big fountain is operating now and lots of people are looking around there.

The rail tracks along which Seung-min and Seo-yeon walk together in the film can still be seen without being separated or combined. Along with the film’s famous line, “We all are someone’s first love”, visitors will recall their ‘first love’ on the railroad at the former Kudun Station. Another famous place that recalls one’s first love in Yangpyeong is the Hwang Sun-won House of Literature, Sonagi Village, which was founded according to the background of Sonagi (Rain Shower), a famous Korean short story written by Hwang Sun-won. The village is full of sentimental and romantic places that symbolize the pure and affectionate first love story of a boy and a girl caught in a shower.


* Kudun Station

Address: 3, Gudunyeok-gil, Jipyeong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-771-2102


Opening time: 09:00~18:00(on weekdays), 09:00~20:00(on weekends)

Admission: Hanging a wish message on a tree - KRW 2,000 / Flying a sky lantern - KRW 8,000


* Sonagi Village

Address: 24, Sonagimaeul-gil, Seojong-myeon, Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-773-2299

Opening time: 09:00~18:00(on weekdays, Mar.-Oct)

Admission: Adults - KRW 2,000, Youth - KRW 1,500, Children - KRW 1,000




4. A Werewolf Boy – ‘Bidulginang Falls in Pocheon'

The Korean fantasy-romance movie The Werewolf Boy, starring Korea’s famous Hallyu star Song Joong-ki, is a touching story about a boy who becomes a werewolf boy and protects a girl. Combining beautiful images with a story about friendship and love between boy and girl, the movie’s filming s attracted a lot of attention. Its representative is Bidulginang Falls in Pocheon.


An open view of Bidulginang Falls. An emerald but blurred water is in a kind of big puddle fomed in a cave. Surrounded nature makes it more mysterious.  

Located in the downstream area of Daehoesancheon Stream, Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon City, Bidulginang Falls are part of a basalt erosion canyon. The water cascade like folding two hands, falls down between the round river cave, creating a fantastic atmosphere together with the clear blue water in the pool. Bidulginang Falls were thus named because white doves (bidulgi) are said to have built their nest (nang) in the cave behind the falls. Around the falls are a wildflower ecological park and a camping site where tourists can spend the night amid the beautiful natural environment.


In addition, the surrounding area is protected as the Imjingang River and Hantangang River National Geo Park, which boasts mysterious and magnificent scenery including columnar joints and a basalt gorge. Thanks to this wonderful landscape, many other films and TV dramas such as Queen Seondeok; The Slave Hunters; War of the Arrows; and It’s Okay, That’s Love have been filmed here. In particular, the cave featured as Jeong Do-jeon’s secret hideaway in the famous TV series Six Flying Dragons (about the heroes of the foundation of the Joseon Dynasty) attracts many tourists.


* Bidulginang Falls

Address: 415-2, Daehoesan-ri, Yeongbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-538-2312





5. Second to Last Love – Suspension Bridge of Gamaksan Mountain in Paju

Second to Last Love is a romantic comedy series that tells the story of a passionate middle-aged couple, Sang-sik, a man who adheres to fixed principles and common sense, and Min-ju, a woman who enjoys unpredictability. At the thrilling Suspension Bridge of Gamaksan Mountain, the two characters encounter each other by chance and exchange glances of affection and yearning.


An open view of a thrilling Suspension Bridge of Gamaksan Mountain over dangeours rock face. A few visitors are walking on the bridge.

“If you are destined to meet someone, you will meet that person in the end – even if you try to avoid that person, even if you have to turn around the earth ten times.” 

A famous tourist attraction in Korea since its opening in 2016, the Suspension Bridge of Gamaksan Mountain, which connects the two sides of a steep valley, is Korea’s longest suspension bridge, measuring 45 meters above the ground and 150 meters in length. The best spot to take a photo with the bridge in the background might be from Beomryunsa Temple, which is well known for its white stone statue of the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. 


The inside view of the Jaunseowon Confucian Academy. The style of building is well preserved and you can feel the old flavor of that period.  

In addition, many of Paju’s tourist attractions appear in Second to Last Love. Byeokchojimunhwa Arboretum was the backdrop to the scene in which the two characters meet each other for the first time, depicting Min-ju playing in a fountain while Sang-sik tries to stop her playing. The Jaunseowon Confucian Academy, which was built to commemorate the scholarly achievements and virtues of Yi I (pen-name: Yulgok), one of the two most prominent Korean Confucian scholars of Joseon, was the place where they fight each other over permission to shoot.


* Suspension Bridge of Gamaksan Mountain

Address: 273, Seolmacheon-ro, Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-940-4114

Opening time: Always

Admission: Free


* Jaunseowon Confucian Academy

Address: 204, Jaunseowon-ro, Beobwon-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do


Opening time: Daily 09:00~18:00

Admission: Adults - KRW 1,000, Children - KRW 500




6. Should We Kiss First? - Imjingak Pyeonghwanuri Park in Paju

Should We Kiss First? is a TV series that tells the love story of a middle-aged man and a woman: Son Mu-han is a lonely bachelor who is obsessed with old things like CDs and LPs, while An Sun-jin is an active person who asks Mu-han to kiss first and transforms Mu-han’s tough, complicated life. On the one hand they are bruised by each other’s criticism, and on the other, they realize their sincerity and fall in love with each other against the backdrop of Imjingak Pyeonghwanuri Park. 


A photo of ‘Unification Calling'. 

While walking around the Park, Mu-han and Sun-jin stop in front of a series of large sculptures, resembling men walking out of the ground, and she says that the man looks like he’s bowing his head, while he says that he looks like he’s praying. This series of sculptures called ‘Unification Calling,’ created by Korean sculptor Choi Pyung-gon, features people who look as if they are praying fervently for the happiness of those who bear deep scars in their minds. The two characters, lying on the ground at the Lawn Plaza, gaze at the sky together, and peacefully walk around the Hill of Wind decorated with thousands of colorful pinwheels. 


A photo of Café Annyeong building on the pond and its around big field.  

Pyeonghwanuri Park was established as a cultural complex in a project to transform Imjingak from a symbol of inter-Korean tension and confrontation into one of reconciliation, mutual prosperity, peace and unification. In view of the recent inter-Korean summit and the change of mood on the Korean Peninsula, Imjingak Pyeonghwanuri Park is in the spotlight again. Located on the Hill of Wind, ‘D Brunch Annyeong’ serves a tasty brunch menu consisting of a Panini and yogurt, while ‘Café Annyeong’ located above the pond serves aromatic coffee amid the beautiful natural surroundings.


* Imjingak Pyeonghwanuri Park

Address: 148-40, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-953-4744

Links:  (Koean only)

Opening time: Always

Admission: Free


* Café Annyeong

Address: 148-40, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-953-4855

Opening time: Daily 11:00-19:00


* D.brunch Annyeong

Address: 148-40, Imjingak-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Inquiries: +82-31-956-8383

Opening time: Daily 11:00-19:00