Caribbean Bay, the Perfect Summer Resort


Caribbean Bay, the Perfect Summer Resort

The best outdoor activity in the summer is water play. Boasting to be the largest in Korea, Caribbean Bay is a super-sized water park within Everland Resort, and it is the most popular site for summer vacation for people of all ages. To experience Caribbean Bay’s reputation, I decided to visit and enjoy the water park myself to blow away the summer heat. I especially wanted to feel the power of the Mega Storm, which opened for the first time this year.


I left Suwon at around 13:30 and arrived at Caribbean Bay in Yongin an hour later at around 14:30. I was surprised to see so many people even during a weekday, a site that literally proved this year’s sweltering summer weather. Even though there was a big crowd, I instantly felt refreshed as soon as I saw spacious pools and waves that reminded me of the beach.

 I wanted to jump into the water right away, but visitors are required to follow a few rules before entering. First, we are required to change into a swimming suit in the locker room. The locker room on the first floor was already packed with people, so I headed to the locker room in the basement. Visitors can use a locker after inserting a 500-won coin. After changing into a swimming suit, visitors must go to the Bay Coin Service Center and purchase a Bay Coin wristlet. This bar code bracelet is a type of pre-payment system that allows the visitor to use the rental center, restaurants, and gift shops after charging the bracelet with a certain amount of money.


I bought a 30,000-won bracelet, which is the minimum amount, and went to the life jacket rental center to rent a life jacket. The rental fee of one life jacket was 6,000 won, which I paid with my Bay Coin. Finally, I was ready to play in water.

I looked around to decide which ride to go on first. Caribbean Bay seems to have been designed after an ancient Spanish port, because the buildings and sculptures create an exotic atmosphere, where the Spanish-style stone architecture, subtropical plants, and a wrecked ship caught my attention.


Caribbean Bay is largely divided into five zones: the Sea Wave with a wave pool; the Bay Slide with the Mega Storm; the Wild River with Aqua Loop; the Fortress which offers activities for children to play and eat in the center; and the Aquatic Center with various rides. Inside the Aquatic Center are other facilities that can be enjoyed even in the winter such as a sauna, spa, and tanning rooms, in addition to water recreational facilities. If you feel hungry while playing in the water or taking a rest, food is easily accessible from the snack bars located throughout.


I decided to ride the Wave Pool first, one of the most popular facilities at Caribbean Bay. A Wave Generation System creates artificial waves, where visitors can enjoy waves in different levels, ranging from rough to high waves. Riding the rough waves at the Wave Pool gives a thrilling sense of floating on clouds.

My next course was the Mega Storm in the Attraction Zone. The Mega Storm requires reservation before 5 p.m. Otherwise after 5 p.m., visitors should wait in line. Many people were waiting in a long line to get in after 5 p.m. Nearby, I could hear the sound of big tornadoes and the riders screaming.

The power of the Mega Storm was gripping. The Super Attraction is 37 meters high and drops three rapid falls at 40 degrees, and the speed of Water Slide made it challenging to go down.

This is a large complex water slide that is created by combining a magnetic levitation water coaster with a tornado. It is the longest water slide in the world, spanning 355 meters long. Because there is a weight limit, riders should measure their body weight before using the slide. The long structure and its velocity, along with 50 kilometers of speed offer ultimate thrills. After three times the rapid rise and fall, a tornado comes last. Passing through the longer section takes only one minute. But during that short time, riders can instantly experience exciting thrills. When you visit the Attraction, don’t forget to ride the Mega Storm.


After riding the Mega Storm, I had a simple snack at a snack bar while taking a short rest. After waiting in a long line, I got into the Aqua Loop and Tower Raft, where I had a great time enjoying the rush of waterfalls under the skull, Caribbean Bay’s trademark, before I realized that it was already evening. However, Caribbean Bay opens at nighttime until 10 p.m. every day until August 15, so visitors can enjoy the park at a more leisurely pace. In addition, if you pay the full amount of the admission fee without any discounts, or pay with the partnered discount card, you can enter Everland free of charge after 5 p.m. The offer lasts until August 23. This is a good opportunity to tour Everland after 5 p.m. once you’ve enjoyed the rides in Caribbean Bay.

 If visitors make an online Smart Web reservation for Caribbean Bay beforehand, they can use various services more conveniently with ease, such as ticketing, lodging, and valet parking. A variety of payment options are available, including credit card, bank account transfer, and mobile payment.


Caribbean Bay offers various water facilities for users of all ages, so visitors can choose their desired facilities depending on their preference. Thrill seekers can enjoy the Mega Storm, Tower Raft, Tower Boomeranggo, Aqua Loop, Surfing Ride, and Water Bobsleigh. People who are happy with fewer thrills can experience the Wild Blaster, Tube Ride, Wave Pool, or Adventure Pool. Children can play at the CaribbeanBaySummerResort6Infant Pool, Indoor Kiddie Pool, Indoor Wave Pool, Indoor Adventure Pool, and Sandy Pool.

 The pirates’ comical performances, which often appear around the Kiddie Pool area, as well as photo time with the pirates, are very popular among children. The Caribbean pirates’ performances continue until August 23. Between August 12 and 15, a poolside party is held at the Wild River Pool. Popular entertainer and singer Jay Park and Dynamic Duo will perform on the stage.


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 Address: 199, Everland-ro, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

 Contact: +82-31-320-5000

 Open hours: Weekdays 10:00-17:00 / Weekends 09:30-19:00