Gyeonggi-do’s Scenic Ocean Views and Attraction - Gungpyeong Port


Gyeonggi-do’s Scenic Ocean Views and Attraction

- Gungpyeong Port -


The West Sea is the nearest body of water to Gyeonggi-do. Ansan-si and Hwaseong-si are situated nearby the West Sea, allowing visitors to reach the sea in one or two hours by public transportation in the metropolitan area.


Gungpyeong Port in Hwaseong-si has an impressive fish market that sells seafood caught from the sea. Many visitors come to the area to enjoy fishing and watch the sun set. As for me, the port is my favorite spot. Today, I would like to introduce the beauty of Gungpyeong Port and its surrounding tourist attractions.

 Gungpyeong Port

If you take Bus No. 400 from Suwon Station, you can reach Gungpyeong Port in two hours. Gungpyeong Port has many sites and activities. If you come with children, you can catch seashells, mudskippers or small octopus at the Yueojang mudflat. If you enjoy water sports, you can ride a kayak or a boat.


I saw a person catching clams and blue crabs. Out of curiosity, I walked closer to see her harvest them. She caught a basket full of clams and a lot of crabs. She mentioned that she was able to catch a lot of clams due to it being a very low tide.


Many people also come to Gungpyeong Port for leisurely fishing. Despite the bad weather, I could see many people cast their fishing rods into the sea and pass time while waiting to catch fish. Some time ago, a long deck has been installed out into the sea for angling enthusiasts to fish with greater convenience.


The smell of the sea invigorates with a refreshing feel. It reminds me of life’s energy, and brings about many emotions, unlike the smell of rivers or lakes. The view of the fishing boats floating on the water tied to the wharf also looks rough yet amiable, which can only be felt at a seaside port.


After a long drive, I became hungry and since I was at sea, I wanted to have some fresh seafood. Another one of Gungpyeong Port’s attractions is the large fish market, where visitors can enjoy freshly caught seafood at a low price. I toured the market, where it was fascinating to see a wide variety of fish. Gizzard shad is a representative autumn fish, and there were many of them swimming in tanks. In praise of the delicious taste of the autumn gizzard shad, there is an interesting Korean saying: "The autumn gizzard shad causes the runaway daughter-in-law to return home." This attests to the fact that gizzard shads taste the best in autumn. After touring the market, I chose clam noodles and fresh flatfish for dinner. I especially like the side dishes that come with fresh fish, because I get to taste different types of seafood such as conch, sea squirt, gizzard shad, and salads.


I wanted to see the beautiful sunset while enjoying warm noodles and sliced fresh fish. Regretfully, due to the inclement weather, the sunset was not picturesque. However, the scenic view of Gungpyeong Port during the sunset brought about a special feeling.


Gungpyeong Port

: Hwaseong

Address: Gungpyeong-ri, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do


Transportation: Take Bus No. 400 at Suwon Station (Subway No. 1), and get off at Gungpyeonghang Bus Stop

Gungpyeong Recreation Area

While taking Bus No. 400 from Suwon Station, you will pass the Gungpyeong Recreation Area bus stop before getting to Gungpyeong Port. After you get off at the bus stop and walk for 10 minutes, you will see the Recreation Area. If you take Bus No. 990, or 1004 at Suwon Station, and get off at Sagang Station, there is a village Bus that runs every hour and 20 minutes, and the bus’ last stop is Gungpyeong Recreation Area.


Gungpyeong Recreation Area is located next to the sea. It is equipped with numerous restaurants and accommodations, making it the perfect place for a gathering or vacation with friends or family members. The park has various facilities and visitors can spend their vacation comfortably while enjoying the sea and forest at the same time. In addition, a campsite is also located next to the sea where visitors can swim or dig for clams at the mudflat.


Surrounding Tourist Attraction- Hane Theme Park

 Hane Theme Park is located within a one-hour drive from Gungpyeong Port by public transportation. Visitors can enjoy nature and water sports at the same time. The park has an arboretum and a greenhouse, in addition to various water-sports facilities and accommodations with the forest as the backdrop, making it the perfect place for outdoor activities or a group retreat.


The park also has various gardens under different themes and a unique facility for foot bathing. Visitors can relieve their fatigue here after a long walk or a hike. After touring the Hane Theme Park, you will notice that even small details have been well organized by the park’s management. The park also has museums, several small zoos, and a horse riding course so that visitors can enjoy a wide variety of activities at the park.

Hane Theme Park

: Hwaseong

Address: 102-31, Dangseong-ro, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Tel: +82-31-357-6151


Transportation: Take Bus No. 1004-1 at Suwon Station (Subway No. 1), and get off at Jeongok Samgeori Mart Bus Stop