Trip to Gwancheon, a good trip to Flirt in January


Trip to Gwancheon, a good trip to Flirt in January

Good to go alone, but better to go together.

Where would be a good place to console the fired mind at the end of the year?

At the Gwacheon Seoul Grand Park, there are ‘Seoul Zoo’ enabling you to go back to the childhood, ‘Seoul Land’, where people are hold on tight to each other while enjoying the thrill, and ‘National Museum of Contemporary Art’ which you can enjoy in one day. Make sure to hitch a ride on the elephant train to enjoy all these!

Leave to Gwacheon, where you can enjoy flirting with your lover in January!


- Transportation:

  • Ride the subway to the Grand Park (Grand Park Station Exit No.2)
  • Ride the elephant train within the Grand Park (Operates every 5 minutes/1,000 won- needs to purchase the ticket again when riding again)

- Meals:

‘Hansodam’ short-legged squid meal near Seonbawi Station, 10 minutes away from the Grand Park by walk

(Short-legged squid meal: Short-legged squid, acorn pancakes, salad, muksabal, rice / 10,000 won per person)



# “Seoul Grand Park” Enabling You to Go Back to Your Childhood

Seoul Grand Park with the largest zoo and botanical garden, and is one of the 10 largest zoos in the world. There are approximately 360 species, and total of 3,000 animals within the zoo. Especially, the Seoul Grand Park minimized wire walls or fences to provide wild environment. One of the things that you must do in the Seoul Grand Park is ‘Sky Lift’. If you ride the lift of 1.7 km, you are able to see the beautiful sights of the reservoir, theme garden and other beautiful sights of the Seoul Grand Park.

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[Facility Guides]

- Open Hours: March – October: 9 A.M – 7 P.M, November-February 9 A.M. -6 P.M.(Opens to 8-9 P.M. during the summer)

- Price: Free for children of 6 and under (Price differs for each facility, day of the week, and season. Refer to the homepage)

- Inquiries: +82-2-500-7338

- Website (Korean) (English) (Simplified Chinese) (Japanese)


# Thrilling Adventure “Seoul Land”

Seoul Land has the World Plaza, Samcheonri Hill, Adventure World, Future World, and Fantasy World, with its own unique themes. If you are a traveler who enjoys thrill, it’s good to enjoy the Adventure World and Fantasy World. From the King Viking with a gigantic pirate ship, and Torrent Riding with a steep slope adds the fun. The World Cup ride which takes you right up to the sky and spins there is also recommendable.


[Facilities Guide]

- Hours of Operation: 9:30 A.M – 6 P.M (Differs for each day of the week, and season. Refer to the homepage)

- Price: Free admission to children who are 3 and under (Differs according to the time of entrance, day of the week, and season. Refer to the website)


# Gracious Art Travel “National Museum of Contemporary Art”


The National Museum of Contemporary at Art glows within the nature as it introduces various visual arts, such as architecture, crafting and design unlike the Deoksoogoong Hall highlighting the domestic and foreign contemporary art and Seoul Hall introducing art of the same period. Thus, the walk next to the Gwacheon National Museum of Contemporary Art is known for its romance and its sweetness.

When you enter the 1st entrance, The More, the Better(多多益善)”the piece of Baek Nam Jun, the video artist who is a symbol of the Gwacheon National Museum of Contemporary Art is exhibited magnificently, reaching the 3rd floor ceiling. This famous piece is a modern piece reconstructing the elements within the screen instead of a canvas, with the 1,003 TV monitors signifying October 3rd, National Foundation Day. Artists evaluate this piece as ‘accurate as Leonardo da Vinci, free as Picasso, deep-rooted as Mondrian, and wild as Jackson Pollock.” Viewing the exhibition by listening to the explanations of docent, informing the meaning of each piece is a recommendable way.

In the middle of each permanent and exhibition and temporary exhibition, there are much resting spaces adding to the comfortableness. Paintings are more impressive when viewed from far away. The leisure of taking a step back is needed. After viewing the exhibition by walking around the cochlear-shaped exhibition hall, head to the rooftop garden of the art museum. The view from here is splendid as a piece of painting. You could say that if you pay attention to the nearby environment, there is another art museum right there.

[Exhibition Hours]

March-October: 10:00~18:00 (Saturday/Sunday ~21:00)

November-February: 10:00~17:00 (Saturday 10:00~21:00)