Summer Water Leports



Summer Water Leports
Whether you plan to spend your summer vacation in Korea or overseas, water leports is a must. Water leports is very popular in summer, because people can have a refreshing time with water. Spending a day playing in the water with family members and friends and roasting meat over a hot grill will ensure an exciting vacation. We would like to introduce different kinds of water leports according to different difficulty levels — beginner, intermediate, and advanced — so that you can test your limit as you wade through water currents dynamically at high speeds. We introduce tourist sites in Gyeonggi-do Province where you can enjoy leports.

Level 1 Beginner
Banana Boat

Banana boat is an easy water leports that requires no special techniques, only balance on the non-powered, banana-shaped boat connected to the motor boat. All members on the boat should maintain balance to stay on the boat and to avoid falling into the water.

Flying Fish

Flying Fish operates similarly to Banana Boat, and two people can ride. When the motor boat speeds up, the Flying Fish racing on the surface of the water suddenly soars in the air. This time, riders should maintain balance well to stay on the ride and to avoid falling into the water.

Level 2 Intermediate
Viper is the non-powered boat connected to the motor boat, just like other water leisure play rides. Unlike Banana Boat and Flying Fish, however, Viper is a play ride as big as a human body. When boarding the boat, it feels very fast, so people naturally hold on to the two handles. This ride requires strong gripping power and arm strength.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski is also called water-ride auto bike. It literally means an auto bike riding on the water. The mobility is good, and operation is simple, but the speed reaches more than 100km. Since the four sides are open, the ski seems faster than its actual speed, so riders should slow down when turning and maintain balance.

Blob Jump

This ride has become popular after it appeared on several entertainment programs. After placing the large square air tube on the water, with one rider lying on one corner of the tube, another person jumps on the opposite end. Instantly, the tube expands, and the rider bounces upward and falls into the water. If the other person does not fall on an appropriate spot with suitable strength, the rider may not soar high enough or may not bounce upward at all.

Level 3 Advanced


Jetovator is a new type of leisure sports. It spurts water like a jet engine, and a rider can enjoy flying high over the water. The rider gets driving force through the hose connected to the jet boat and flies in the air. Two people can ride as a team. Racing at a speed of 40km per hour, Jetovator limits its height to 7m to ensure safety. After getting a certain level of education, people can get a Jetovator license.

Flyboard is a new water leports. Riders can enjoy the propelling power of Jet Ski in water, on the surface of water, or in the air. Pressure spurts from the board plate under the feet, and a user can move depending on the angle of his/her feet. The string in the hands can be used to maintain balance just like the pole on the ski. Since the ride soars from the water into the air, users should maintain safety. The water should be 4m deep, and there should be no obstacles.

Water Ski

The water ski is a leports that has the combined characteristics of surfing and ski. It is attached to a motor boat, and a user rides the ski sliding over the surface of water. It requires whole body movement for a user to have adjusting power, prediction, and sense of balance. Unlike other water leisure, users need a few hours of training before riding the ski. This is to ensure safety, and because this ride is difficult to adjust.

Jisan Leisure
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Viper, Banana Boat, Fly Fish are available

Riverland Water Leisure
Inquiries: +82-31-585-5525
For details on the fees, reservation and operation time, please refer to the website
Viper, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Water Ski are available

Cheongpyeong Spoland
Inquiries: +82-31-584-3122
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Viper, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Water Ski are available

Songgang Water Leisure
Inquiries: +82-31-585-4280
Viper, Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Blob Jump is available
For details on the fees, reservation and operation time, please refer to the website.

One Water Leisure
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Blob Jump, Flyboard, Water Ski are available

Summer Time
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Banana Boat, Fly Fish, Jetovator are available