Zipline – Thrilling experience of adventure at the Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest


When you would like to experience something exciting in nature without traveling too far, then the zipline in Korea at the Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest is a good idea. The Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest is an eco-park that provides entertainment for visitors of all ages and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. It is situated in the south of Mt. Jeonggwang which is 562m in height above the sea level.


It takes approximately an hour to get this eco-park by cars using the Gyeongbu Expressway from Seoul. One late bus or missed connection can negatively impact on your day out of it, therefore, renting a car or using your own car is highly recommended.


When you enter the road of the Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest, you will find nature all around you and trees and plants scent being tickling your nose, the fragrance of various herbs will make you feel refreshed and pleasant.


After short walking, you will see Zipline Yongin information center with the safety equipment seating outside. Then you require signing up the Zipline waiver form.

After suite up, you will hop in a pickup mini bus for a very bumpy ride to the top of the mountain. Total 6 zip line courses are named for birds, Pheasant, egret, hawk, crane, eagle and albatross. Those 6 courses are stretching over a distance of 1246m and designed to travel the dense forest.


The first out of 6 courses is called ‘Pheasant Course’ that is the highest one among 6 courses give you an amazing view over the beautiful mountain.



At course 1, it is a starting point, an instructor explains how to ride on a wire trolley and overcome your fear as you zip across the valley.

You may tremble in the very first beginning, but once you get to do it you will expect for the following ride when you arrive at the next platform.


At the fifth course, while you are sliding down a cable you will play a game in the middle of the course. Throw the dart and hit the target to win a prize. When you get back to the information center you will be presented with a personalized certificate of completion and membership discount card after returned the equipment.

Lunch Time – Fight fire with fire




After working out, it is time to rejuvenating and gets stamina restorative soup like ‘Hanbang Ori Baeksook’,- Boiled whole duck with herbal soup and mushrooms. It has been Korea’s culture to promote ‘Iyeolchiyeol’ – ‘fight fire with fire’ during summer seasons as hot. This restaurant use organic vegetable grown by themselves and famous for its energizing ingredients. One of ingredients they using is Cordyceps militaris. It is known as energy enhancing adaptogens in Korean herbalism.


After meal, not far from the restaurant presented above, there is one famous coffee shop run by a man who ranked Asia #1, world #7 at Super Tasters award in 2010.



Yonginsi Natural Recreation Forest

Address - 220 Chobu-ro, Mohyun-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-Si, Gyeonggido

Customer center - 1588-5219

Website -

The facility is open 7 day a week all year around

Price 35000won per person

Booking is essential!!


Korean Restaurant - Sintobooli

Address- 935 Yoobangdong, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-Si, Gyeonggido

Phone - +82-31-321-5252

Website -


Coffe shop - K.Bros Coffee

Address - 2-35 Youngmoon-ri, Pogok-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-Si, Gyeonggido