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Upper left: A front view of the Starfield building of modern and gray color. /Lower left: an open view of indoor of Starfield. / Right: "The charms of Starfiel: what to see, plus the best sports spot, restaurants and spa" is written.

Starfield Goyang

Boasting of Aqua Field located near the sky, Sports Monster combining sports and play, Toy Kingdom full of imagination and story, and Electro Mart and offering style and cost-effectiveness, Starfield in Goyang City is attracting many visitors. Let’s find out its attractions.


Sports Monster

As Korea’s first new-concept sports play cultural space that combines play and sports, Sports Monster is equipped with some 35 kinds of sports contents, a facility on a 5289m2 area, and an 11-meter dynamic multidimensional space. It is offering 4 kinds of enjoyment: Basic, Exciting, Adventure, and Digital.

그림1Left: a woman riding ZIP COASTER, one of sports in Sports Monster. /Upper right: people doing ICAROS, a flight experience with the posture of plank./ Lower right: Two kids playing basetball at the lightning court in Sports Monster.

Claiming to be an “unprecedented unique sports playground,” Sports Monster is becoming a popular place among young people through word of mouth as a place offering various kinds of fun and excitement.  An admission fee of 23000 won (adults) on a 2-hour basis may seem a little steep at first; after enjoying sports, however, you will soon realize that the fee is worth it. Visitors sweat a lot while experiencing 35 kinds of sports contents with family, friends, and co-workers. Offline is offering basketball, soccer, and baseball, whereas digital zones feature baseball, soccer, and handball. Laser fire, dart game, cycle, and artificial rock climbing are popular as well.

An indoor part of Sports Monster; It's divided various sports sectors.

The “Rope Course,” which requires crossing 6 hurdles at 6.5m above the ground, is an essential course for couples. On the rooftop are 3x3 basketball courts.  Since basketball is listed as an official sports for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it is drawing a lot of attention. Upon entering Sports Monster, you will be given a sports band that enables checking the remaining time and playing the game by touching the magnetic at a sports zone you want to play.

Left: Kids are crossing the bridge of the little logs, one of Rope Course. / Middle: a front view of MONSTER COURT./ Right: A place for first aid.

The facility is equipped with safety equipment, and it provides sufficient information on safety and regulations to prevent accidents. It also houses a nurse’s office to provide first aid. It is the perfect place to enjoy sound sports games.

Aqua Field

The hot spa is equipped with a media art room that offers 360-degree panoramic videos, hot thermal bath, and high-temperature charcoal sauna, which are unique to Aqua Field.

On open view of the rooftop pool with lots of people.

The rooftop pool has a therapy spa and an aroma spa for visitors to enjoy a relaxing rest at the warm outdoor bathtub while looking at Bukhansan Mountain, including a water spray and a floor fountain for visitors to enjoy water without getting into it. It also has a splash kids’ zone as well as a sauna facility for visitors to enjoy relaxing time and unique fun in various bathtubs.

Left: an indoor view of Kids room in the spa. There are various facilities for kids. / Middle: A main lobby of Acua Field. / Right: People enjoying foot spa with such a beautiful night view.

Soy Yeonnam

Soy Yeonnam is a Thai rice noodle restaurant introduced on a famous TV food program. It has many regular customers due to its delicious rice noodle menus that do not use strong spices but provide a rich, savory soup base. It also offers a popular menu called “Som Tam,” a papaya salad with a crunchy flavor.

Left: a menu named 'Soi Spring Roll', a kind of crispy dumplings stuffed various vegetables./ Middle: a bowl of beef noodle soup./ Right: lots of people waitng in line.

Address: 1955, Goyang-daero, Deogyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

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