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Hwaseong Bajirak-kalguksu


Hwaseong Bajirak-kalguksu
Nutritious Food Protecting the Eyes



Hwaseong Bajirak-kalguksu


Many villages offer bajirak-kalguksu (hand-rolled clam noodles). People in Hwaseong consider clams collected from Gungpyeong-ri (in Hwaseong) or Jebudo Island (in Ansan) the best in terms of pure quality.

Most stooped seniors in Hwaseong are probably those who worked on mud flats for their entire lives. Bajirak boasts rich protein and minerals, helping purify the blood and delay the process of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Abundant taurine helps one recover from fatigue and protects the eyes. After all, learned wisdom says, "Eating bajirak leads to better eyes and renewed energy."


Major Restaurant

  • Seohaeilmi (Slow Food) Village | Hwaseong-si Seosin-myeon Gungpyeong-ri 68