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Yongin Baekam Sundaeguk and Modeum-sundae


Yongin Baekam Sundaeguk and Modeum-sundae
Market Dish Popular among Nationwide Merchants



Yongin Baekam Sundaeguk and Modeum-sundae


Sundae-gukbap (blood sausage soup with rice) used to be sold in meat-abundant Baekam Market (in Yongin) where merchant ladies made sundae (Korean-style blood sausage) and placed it in pork stock. The dish became popular when merchants tasted it and spread its deliciousness through word-of-mouth across the country.

Unlike sundae sold in other areas, Baekam sundae is known for an abundant amount of vegetables, including cabbage and seasonal vegetables, as well as for its rough combination of intestines (of cow/pig) and various other ingredients. This reflects the consideration of the merchant ladies to convey the happiness and satiety of chewing meat to diners who, despite raising cows and pigs, were not able to afford the enjoyment of eating them.


Major Restaurant

  • Cheonseo-ri Makguksu | Yongin-si Cheoin-gu Baekam-myeon Baekam-ri 447-10
  • Pungseong Restaurant | Yongin-si Cheoin-gu Baekam-myeon Bakgok-ri 689-3 2nd floor
  • Baekam Jeil Restaurant | Yongin-si Cheoin-gu Baekam-myeon Baekam-ri 499