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Yeoju Cheonseo-ri Makguksu


Yeoju Cheonseo-ri Makguksu
Taste of Gangwon-do Delivered through the River



Yeoju Cheonseo-ri Makguksu


Makguksu (buckwheat noodles in chilled broth) started in Gangwon-do and spread to other areas through the river. Its taste went viral through Seoulites who stopped by Cheonseo-ri (while traveling to and from Gangwon-do) and were fascinated by makguksu.

Soon, Cheonseo-ri makguksu became just as popular as the Gangwondo-style makguksu because the combination of the unique taste of dongchimi (chilled water radish) with piquant makguksu sauce captivated diners. A whole village became a makguksu-serving one, hosting the Makguksu Festival annually.


Major Restaurants

  • Cheonseo-ri Makguksu | Daesin Cheonseo 603-3
  • Ganggye Bongjin Makguksu | Daesin Cheonseo San 36-1
  • Hongwon Makguksu | Daesin Cheonseo 605-2