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Yangpyeong Okcheon Naengmyeon


Yangpyeong Okcheon Naengmyeon
Piquant Taste Reflecting Nostalgia



Yangpyeong Okcheon Naengmyeon


A person from Hwanghae-do Province came down to Yangpyeong in the aftermath of the Korean War in 1952 and opened a restaurant, serving the Hwanghaedo-style naengmyeon (buckwheat noodles in chilled broth) to diners. The dish reflected the taste of the hometown, sadness of losing it, and longing for people to share it.

Boasting over 60 years of history, the Hwanghaedo-style Okcheon naengmyeon differs from the Pyeongyang-style naengmyeon which combines beef stock with chicken, pheasant, or pork. Rather, it uses only pork to produce stock. The dish also used Okcheonsu (water of Okcheon) for the stock. The water, reflecting the spirit of Yongmunsan Mountain, was known as precious water that helped treat illnesses of the kings of the Joseon Dynasty.


Major Restaurants

  • Okcheon Naengmyeon | Yangpyeong-gun Okcheon-myeon Okcheon-ri 760